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Ronin Tactics x Silent Professional

Ronin tactics was introduced to Silent Professional by a good friend of ours and we find Ronin Tactic’s gear are very innovated by the mix combat experience and we admire their mindset of their company’s mission and vision so Silent Professional decided to take a step and start working with Ronin Tactics.

About Ronin Tactics:
Ronin Tactics was founded by Mr. Tu also known as the “Dragon” , Mr.Tu was very special and the damm few Asian American who made it to the top of the US Special Operations Community and with his overwhelming combat experience and high level training to developed the tactical goods that is fits the mission and special design for the operator’s needs , Ronin Tactics also leverages the experience from former Special Operations operators that will provide a no-nonsense approach to realistic training.  From Law Enforcement officers to civilian we will get our customers to their desired end state.

Drawing from our combat experience and proven techniques while engaging in multiple combatant threats, their redefined techniques allowed for our survivability and that of our teammates.  
Ronin Tactics “Research and Development” Team always continues to develop products that meet the unique demands of our customers. Whether executing high threat missions to competitive shooting, we provide the gear needed for mission success.   For some of you who are new to Ronin Tactics may wonder and we saw some kid over the internet ask the same question ” Which Unit Do you belong to? ” Answer from Ronin was “HK416 Says it all”

“Ronin’s photo at work with Army Custom AOR1”

Why name Ronin:

Throughout the 22 years within Special Operations, Mr.Tu have climbed his way through the different Tier Units. He made many friends and lost a few along the way.  He have fought the war through multiple combatant theaters, from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the drug wars of South America.  He has witnessed the fall of Middle East terrorist strong holds and savage acts in African Saharan deserts.  Ronin have lived and experienced the path that his grandfather and his stepfather had revealed to me.  Ronin accepted some of the toughest assignments and faced them without fear, he did this because he believed he should have died a long time ago, when death was facing him and his family every day, not only in Vietnam but while drifting in the ocean where all hope was lost.

Now, as he reflect on my life and realize he was chosen to live to serve a higher cause, to serve my country in war.  Ronin was born of war and trained by my stepfather from childhood.   As he walked the path laid before him, Ronin studied Bushido- “The Way.”  But the way has made me into a drifter, master-less…into a Ronin.

“HK416 at Iraq”

“Ronin rocking Silent Professional Assaulter cap during his sniper class”

“Ronin Tactics Patch attached in SP Assaulter cap during their Sniper Course”

Silent Professional are excited to work with Ronin Tactics and Let’s expect more cool stuff from them!!!

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