Silent Professional Large “Super HD Patriot patch”

Silent Professional proudly brings you our


The concept of  the HD USA patch represent the ” High Quality  value of the Nation” and let all the patriot and warriors to carry this high quality patch wether you are down range or active in the home land to protecting others with all your life and pay the ultimate price of their life, To me the Flag patch means a lot to me, it represent the where you come from and your history and your attitude so I decide to make the patch with the SUPER HD quality compare to the normal quality ones, you paid what you get for don’t work for SP.

Silent Professional will make sure “You get more than what you paid for” *High Definition Embroidery Stitching Quality *Durable to the harsh environment * Competitive price with the normal quality patch *Comes with various color options


The original color comes with 2 version, one is with the yellow boarder and another one is with the silver boarder,you can see both patch has very define quality details on the stripes , starts and the boarder line. To make sure our quality, please click the link below to see the 1820 HD photo to see the true quality. 1820 HD Resolution photo click here

” SUPER HD SUBDUE VERSION” The 2 subdue variant color is for the operator to fit in the different covert mission environment, one is the desert subdue and another one is the olive drop subdue, although the color is old school but this still the sh*t for the operator to keep low profile during their mission. To make sure our quality, please click the link below to see the 1820 HD photo to see the true quality. 1820 HD Resolution photo click here

1820 HD Resolution photo click here

“SP patch quality comparison photo”

The left is the normal quality- you can see 3 parts that compare to SP patch.

A. The Corner of the patch SP: Very sharp edge and not lose tread but using triple stitching to make sure it wont fall off. Others: Not defined and already lose tread

B. The Red white line of the patch SP: High Quality with straight stitching and even when you close your eyes and you can feel the shape of the patch, we made the 3D quality

Others: Lose tread and flat stitching. 

C: The Boarder line SP: Hight Quality boarder with high quality cover stitching. Others:flat and loose tread stitching.

” LOW QUALITY PATCH ” by other brand Lets look at the low quality patch sample photo , we put it at last because this one is even no match to our quality, the starts are not even defined and very loose tread use.

“Sample photo of NSWDG Member with the yellow boarder large US flag patch”


“Sample photo of NSWDG Member with the silver boarder large US flag patch”





” BUY **** TAKE ****”

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Recently SPT IR patches has upgraded, we can now accept all kinds of custom work, please look and check our precision making of the patch compare to the other brands.
Here are the few samples of  our Military clients located in Asian country, please feel free to contact us if you have custom works on the IR patches

(More coming soon!!!!)

T3 Gear meeting Shot Show 2014

Silent Professional are very honored that we were invited to the T3 Gear VIP show room at Shot Show 2014 and had a blast meeting and checked out their latest gear available.

Me with with 2 of the T3 gear representatives



After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1998 with a degree in Systems Engineering, Lawrence served as an Apache pilot and a Reconnaissance Pilot supporting U.S. Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He also commanded a premier reconnaissance operational unit conducting counter-narcotic and anti-guerilla operations in Central and South America.  His last assignment was as a contractor conducting military flight operations overseas.  Currently, Lawrence is a member of the Air National Guard flying  MQ-1 Predator.   He was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Meritorious Service Medal.



After joining the military because of 9/11, Trevor left the active duty SEAL Teams in October 2011. During his operational career, he deployed with SEAL Teams ONE, FIVE and SEVEN along with Group One and Support Activity One. Trevor worked in a range of specialized capacities such as sniper, tactical surveillance operator, pointman, breacher and lead climber. Additionally, he accomplished four combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia.  His final assignment with the Teams was creating a new canine effort for Naval Special Warfare. As a K-9 Handler/Master Trainer, Trevor developed a model program with his four-legged partner, Chopper.
Prior to joining the Teams, Trevor was a professional surfer.

Simple T3 Booth at Shot Show 2014

NEW!!! T3 camo Kydex Holster…available soon with Silent Professional

NEW!!! T3 camo Kydex Holster…available soon with Silent Professional

NEW!!! T3 coyote and OD Kydex Holster…available soon with Silent Professional

T3 Products available in Silent Professional Retail Shop

We will be glad to provide all you customers of T3 Gear 2014, please feel free to email us if you are interested in wholesale,

yes we ship worldwide

Cheers and have a nice day!


Greetings to all

2014 Silent Professional was actually at the LBT booth we had a blast meeting with LBT staff this year.

Here we are bringing you one of the first photos of the tactical brands photos and reviews, sorry for the image quality I have to use my iphone for the photo cause my cam are out, but hope you all can enjoy the photo and if ever you spot me in Shot Show , please feel free to pass by and say Hello and there will be limited quantity of 2 versions of special patches for the civilian and military, looking forward to meet you all.


The NEW districted bag!!! Very nice and compacted with the inserts inside.

LBT latest Travel Bag cooperate with Arcter’yx

2014 latest LBT 2 vets arms shooters travel bag in Multicam

Additional organize pouch can be purchased seperately

Variation color of choices

LBT Fabric Color book
still not available for commercial sales,dont think!

LBT Fabric Color book
still not available for commercial sales,dont think!

LBT Fabric Color book
“Kyptek  Nomad”

LBT Fabric Color book
“Kyptek Mandrake”

More photos and reviews coming tomorrow
looking forward to meet you all

The Angry Frog !!!

Just receipt the photo recently from a good old friend of mine back into the game down range, first time I met this guy was way back in the military hospital, the doctor once told this frog his leg injury is so serious that he may not even get back to the game but he told me that ” That does not work out for me”, so I asked again what is the biggest motivation for going back to the game, he said again to me

” Bro, there is nothing compare to the feeling of hunting another man and fight for my other frog brothers who paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their life for us” without them I won’t be able to live by now , those brothers are what I really fight for!!!

Why called ” Angry Frog ” :

The story is quite interested, during Christmas 2013 the frog friend ordered the ” T3 Gear Modular Assault Pack ” from us, good friend of ours was going to the Philippines so we ask him to carry the pack for us back and send it straight from PH to save time and money, the local delivery service told my friend there is absolute no problem and we can do the door to door delivery service but there will be an extra cost for the door to door, so my friend said no problem as long as you can delivery the stuff to him as soon as possible as soon as he saw the cash pull out from his wallet the delivery man said ” Yes sir, No problem we will delivery it”

10 days after, Angry frog contacted me and ask me if I have send the package, I said yes and I have ask a friend of mine to send it by “L***C” express delivery service, have you not receive your package yet? Angry frog replied: NO NEVER (Angry begins)…I knew something went wrong so I gave him the tracking number and the person in charge so he may contact the logistic company direct.

After hanging up the phone with the logistic company delivery man and found out that the delivery many was laying and told my friend they can not delivery into that area due to many reasons, so my friend started to get angry but he knew it is the way of living there, talk the talk don’t walk the walk. he told the guy ” Fine, then there should be a local office so I can pick up the package myself” the delivery guy answered: Yes it is **** area…. Once my friend heard that area name he turned into ” Angry Frog”  and shouted do you have idea who I am and where that place is??? You better think again and delivery that package ASAP or else your office might blow up next time !!!

Angry frog told me he was really angry because:
1.  The delivery guy lie to him and try to cheat his money
2. The local pick up point was in the center area of terrorist territory, they have no idea how many times we raided there and confiscated many weapons and others , to enter that area as by himself was too dangerous.

After “speaking” with the manager of the logistic company  felt his anger and seriousness decided to delivery the package again and until the moment of the actual delivery clams down the angry frogman!

Right After the packaged was delivered, AF was really happy and satisfied with the pack that he ordered because of the material and quality of stitching makes the gear very tough for his missions, he puts the pack on his PC right away and put our patch on his pack and vest and send us back the photos real time, we really thank him for showing the support Hooyah!!!

Angry Frog set up his LMT modified rifle with the T3 molle assault pack with the SP patch on the back that just delivered to the range in base.

Angry Frog conducting patrol mission down range with T3 Gear molle assault pack with SP patch in southern parts of Philippines jungle.

“Angry frog with his frog mate after the maritime patrol with SP patch on”

After the long patrol mission, the angry frog was happy and satisfied with the T3 molle assault pack and enjoyed the breeze with his buddy on their assault boat.

God bless the year of 2014 for those warriors who stood front for us and protect our freedom.
SP will bring you more updated post in the year of 2014.
Cheers to all


Silent Professional STX Memorial T-Shirt spotted

From the Lone Survivor movie feature trailer , we have Just spotted! our Seal Team 10 Never Forget T-shirt was  seen in the interview of Director Peter Berg and Marcus Luttrell from the movieLone Survivor! It’s a great honor and pleasure, we actually could not believe our eyes when we saw this, we have no idea the shirt has been purchased and choose by the Director, our shirt was released 6 years ago and yet it is still rocking, We have actually sending out STX memorial shirts to the front line but due to secrecy of SEALs, there were never photos being post in the internet or forums.

SP will be working on the new version of the shirt coming very soon and looking forward to present them to our dear readers and customers  and keep supporting the troops that is down range, if you are a member of STX we are welcome to send you the shirts to you and your squad.


Famous director “Peter Berg” for the Lone Survivor movie wearing the Silent Professional 2013 version ST10 memorial T Shirt during the interview of actual “Lone Survivor”

You can see the clear logo of our ST10 Memorial T Shirt during the interview of Director Peter Berg and Marcus Luttrell from SEAL TEAM 10.


This is the front side of the 2013 Version ST10 Memorial T shirt, all new shirts will come with the Silent Professional Label to identify  if the is legit.


Back Side logo shows Never Forget, Never Forgive what happen on 06.28.2005


SPT Call Sign Patch In Action

Few month after the SPT Operator Call Sign patch release to the military/police operators, we have been getting good feedback on our quality of patches.

Here below  are some photos of our actual call sign patches in use by those  great warrior who defend freedom  for our country.

“United States Air Force Pararesque”

Pararescuemen, also known as PJs (Pararescue Jumpers), are United States Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and Air Combat Command (ACC) operatives tasked with recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments

“United States Navy EOD”

United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians render safe all types of ordnance, including improvisedchemicalbiological, and nuclear. They perform land and underwater location, identification, render-safe, and recovery (or disposal) of foreign and domestic ordnance. They conduct demolition of hazardous munitions, pyrotechnics, and retrograde explosives using detonation and burning techniques.

They forward deploy and fully integrate with the various Combatant Commanders, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and various warfare units within the Navy,Marine CorpsAir Force and Army. They are also called upon to support military and civilian law enforcement agencies, as well as the Secret Service.

Lets thank all the arm forces in services right now and Silent Professional will keep continuing provide our best services for those warriors who served.

Best Regards
Silent Professional

Prayers for Boston Attack!!!

To all the people who see this post, please kindly close your eyes for 5-10 seconds and lets pray for those innocent people who got seriously hurt and lost during the attack in Boston and also pray that God will help the government to arrest those terrorist who brings suffer and give us  justice.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth for those attackers.


NEVER FORGET 04/15/2013

Greatest man hunt in history – ” The Red Hunters “

In the Dark Night….


“Operation Neptune’s Spear”

The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), a U.S. Army Special Operations Command unit known as the “Night Stalkers”, provided the two modified Black Hawk helicopters that were used for the raid itself, as well as the much larger Chinook heavy-lift helicopters that were employed as backups.

The “Hunters” use the darkness night as their cover with the Stealth black flew into Pakistan from a staging base in the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan after originating at Bagram Air Base in northeastern Afghanistan.

“Zero Dark Thirty Movie Photo”

NSW members stack up for breaching charge entry

” The  Boom Entry”

As the book” No Easy Day”, the movie ” Zero Dark Thirty”, The open speech of ” The Shooter” there is lots of debates regarding to what really happened in the event of the raid on UBL , it also reveals a little bit of the silent warriors who conducted the mission was the NSWDG Red Squadron the assault team, Those DG operators were not just SEALS , they were the elite of the elite within the community, honestly I think we will never know what happened during that day of the mission unless we were among of the TEAM on that night.

The important thing now is that UBL is out for good. This may change the world to be more peaceful, although they are still other threats out there. At least we took out the number one terrorist .

“DG Members of the Red Squadron with the Indian hunter flag”

” The Shooter’s Helmet”
At the back of the helmet the shooter also attached the red team patch

” Red Squadron member during Iraqi Freedom”
Note: that on the 6094A vest of the DG members has the Red Indian Patch, the patches has few different variations,
The  red version, the black version, the green version
(Source said M.O was in the photo but unconfirmed, lets do the lucky guess)

” Red Squadron member with green side gear”
Note: The right side DG member on the right arm also wears the green version of the patch like the others during Iraqi Freedom”

” 2006 Red Squadron member group photo provide security for U.S. President George W. Bush in a surprise visit to Kabul, Afghanistan”
Note: DG members are with the red and black version of the patch and as well as the “Red Indian hunter logo” cap

“2006 NSWDG Red Squadron escorting G.Bush Afghanistan”

“2006 NSWDG Red Squadron patrolling  for security Afghanistan”

“2006 Red Squadron member gathering with bush”
Note: the back of the cap has the USA flag at the back shows the dedication of protecting the country by the NSWDG RS member

“NSWDG Red Squadron member with another variation of the cap in khaki”

With mystery of the NSWDG members, Although we can see some photos with their patches on, people wonder what is the real meaning behind the red team logo, honestly, no one really knows the answer unless they are within the Team, but with my best guess is that the Red Indian represent the original American Hunter/ Warrior, some people says the green variation patch is issued to the new guys in the Team, my opinion is that the green patches are just used for the match the jungle green side of gear, but after all it could be just my guessing.

Here are some of  the art works with the variation patch
“Disclaimer: Patch and Cap photos are not represent the real NSWDG members unit patch, this is a simulated drawing made from the open source photo in the internet”

AOR1 concept variant  is for the lowprofile concept while using AOR1 BDU, Olive Variant for the Jungle or green side area

Some of the Indian Hunter Cap with the art work
Black Version Front
“Disclaimer: Patch and Cap photos are not represent the real NSWDG members unit patch, this is a simulated drawing made from the open source photo in the internet”

Black Version Back

Khaki Version Front
“Disclaimer: Patch and Cap photos are not represent the real NSWDG members unit patch, this is a simulated drawing made from the open source photo in the internet”

Khaki Version Back

“Disclaimer: Patch and Cap photos are not represent the real NSWDG members unit patch, this is a simulated drawing made from the open source photo in the internet”

Thank God that UBL is down and Thank those who protect the country and make peace to the world.

Cheers !!!! Hooyah!!!

Spartan Airsoft Tactical “DUMMY TOY PVG-18”

January 2013 ” Zero Dark Thirty” has overwhelming world wide , specially at the last 40 mints of the movie,  it is about the closest action on conducting operation “Geronimo”,  everybody was so shocked how realistic the movie goes and special the gear on the DEVGRU guys in the movie, it is the first time for me to see the GPNVG18 active in action, after seeing the movie…lots of people loved the GPNVG18 and start talk about it.

GPNVG18 is just so cool and I am sure it is definitely lots of people’s top dream wish list, but Spartan Airsoft about to make the dream of keeping a GPNVG18 for your collection true with their hard work and faith.

We got the exclusive photos on the details of the “Spartan Airsoft” made Deluxe Version of the GPNVG18 Dummy / Model kit, from the official spartan airsoft they mentioned that there will be 2 version, one is the deluxe version and one is the economic version, lots of you might wonder what are the difference between the 2 version, dont worry folks..we will be glad to get you the answers here.

Economic Version

Price: 40 USD (Shipping not included)

1. GPNVG18 main body only

2. Build with ABS plastic

Deluxe Version

Price: 105 USD (Shipping not included)

1. Include realistic blue lens

2. Include the battery pack

3. Build-in green led light for your night photo ops

4. Build with combination of fiber and durable material

5. Realistic Detail size and weight

6. 800 pieces worldwide limited only, each comes with the serial number on the unit





From Spartan Airsoft news, this model will be release around April. 2013, which is 2 month from now

Since this model is worldwide 800 sets limited edition, it is definite wroth for all you collectors to get your hands on one or two,

Please contact us for pre-orders

Or simply click: for the pre-order

Worldwide Shipping

Thank you for viewing

Spartan Airsoft Tactical “DUMMY TOY PVG-18” is based on the GPNVG-18 open source pictures from internet, our product will NOTguarantee the scale and
details are as same as real GPNVG-18.
Our product is a plastic dummy toy intended for display purpose only. This is non-function and NO compartment or construction design for any night vision device install.
The product will be engraved “Dummy Toy For Display Purpose Only” as to identify this product is only a toy.
All images is prototype sample for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

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