LALO Tactical Shadow ” The Intruder “

Lalo Tactical Shadow boots was designed for and in conjunction with U.S Special Forces Operators! “The Shadow” is the Ultimate Special Force Tactical Boot, there are 2 variations of the boot, ” The Intruder”& ” The Amphibian ” . Silent Professional would like to share our first review of the ” Intruder ” boot from the lalo tactical shadow series, let us show you the special features and functions of this fantastic boots.

Lets take look at the entire boots!




This boot may not look like the typical military boots that is available in the market, as we all know the old fashion military boots comes with the 8 inches high cut and bulky feeling outlook , but the Shadow boots provides your feather weight and a very supportive system for your ankle, When you first look at the shadow boots it may come with a little bit of taste of the basketball shoes, but is it really a basketball shoes? Nope it is not but indeed it is a multi functions boots fits the needs of conducting special operation missions. Before we go down to the special features of the boots, SP would like to share with you our interview with ” LALO “

SP: From all of those tactical products why boots?

Lalo: I want to start everything from the ground and basics, which during my deployment the GI boots gave me a lot of problems and during combat, your feet are the one of the essential key to survive and fight through the war, so I decided to learn from my mistakes and wanted to build the best tactical boots for the best guys.



Special Features:
The Tip!

As you can see from the photo, the boots was covered by this special fabric called ” Super Fabric “, I know it sounds cheesy, but this fabric really is the super fabric, it can provide protection for rocks, sharp objects, knife cuts, as you see the fabric wraps the entire front side of the boots all the way to the middle, the hidden function of that is the prevent ripping off the shoes during fast roping insertion from the helo, most of the boots can not last but fast roping is one of the most common way for the special operators to insert to their entry point and carry on to their mission. If your boots gets mess up on your fast roping, it will really effect your team and mission.

The Shoelace!

If you take a look closely at the photo the shoelace that lalo tactical were using are not the traditional round type of the shoelace, instead they use the triangle type of the shoelace. Why? Simply because triangle type of shoelace provides better tightening and grip than round type and it wont break and easily loose after you tightening your shoelace.

The outer part side!

The unique design on the side of the boots provides protection for sharp objects but yet there are ventilation systems within, you may also see the logo of the lalo tactical at the side of the boots


The Inner part side!

As you can see the super fabric is all the way through the middle of the shoes and was sew above the leather to give protection from the heat of fast roping insertions, also another feature you might able to see is there are few spikes at the bottom of the photo.

The Spike!

The spike of the shoes is the legendary design for all the tactical boots, these small metal spikes are build for better climbing skills for ropes, rocks, walls, also in the photo you may see the sole of the boots, between the sole and the spikes there is one hidden feature for the boots, that is the anti penetration layer, Lalo Tactical decided to use a very special material that is flexible and yet still strong for blocking the sharp objects for penetrations, lets take a look at a better view of the next photo below.

The Sole!

The sole part of the boots are just amazing, look at all the details of the sole it simply speaks for itself! Pay attention to the details that is what lalo tactical is all about. You may see the sole has a very special lines is to let the water and soil out as quick as possible to provide better grip and anti slippery.

The Hook!

In the back of the lalo tactical boots, it has also a very special features that is ” The hook ” , this was designed for OTB missions where SOF operators needs to put their fins for their mission, why build ” The hook”? cause from many experience of OTB, after kicking your fins for quite a while your shoes start to get loose on the back strap and this may cause you loosing the fins during your mission and cause your efficiency for your mission. SP also discovered that the hook can be also use for crampons for mountain climbing!

The Tongue!

This part of the shoes is also build to the last details, you can see there is a net compartment for your to store your shoelace after tightening them this gives you a better chance not to loosen your shoelaces and can be stored after your final adjustment, you may also see there is a small label saying ” The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” This carries the spirit of the Navy Seals and SOF all over the world.

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MK18 MOD1 with NSW operators from the country.

These photos are from the NSW operator provide to Daniel Defence, this will give you guys how their MK18 MOD1 look like in the front line.

Hope all of you may enjoy the pic



First of all, I would like to apology to all the readers of my blog and was not able to keep the promise of the updates on the blog.

Now I am back and I will be putting more review on the NSW gear in the coming year of 2011. Cheers to all and now lets get started.

The photo below indicates the vest which will be putting on for review in this page

When I first saw this photo, I realize the there is something special about the NSW operator’s vest cause it was digital desert so called AOR1 but at that time I did not know which manufacture made this vest and there is no other details on this vest, but after 2 years of time I was lucky enough to get one to my hand and when I receive this plate carrier the memory of that photo just appear in my mind. I was glad to see the actual vest and it even comes with extra bonus which is the level 3 and level 4 protection soft and hard amour.

“Now let’s take a look at the front of the plate carrier”

The cutting may look like the E.I CIRAS but actually the cutting of this vest is actually a lot more comfortable then the CIRAS cut specially the shoulder straps it may look thing and does not have the padding like the CIRAS and usually we think it will give more pressure to the operator’s shoulder but magically it doesn’t give any uncomfortable feeling to the shoulder. It has 7 lines of nylon molle strap and 42 molle blocks, the stitching of the molle blocks is very precised and can easily put in the pouches.




The side panel is similar to the land version of the CIRAS, it has the double layers of the side panel, the first layer on the outside just simply carries molle pouches and other accessories. From this photo below you can see that it gives a bigger space for the operator to move their arm during any mission and the back side of the carrier is longer then the front side which means it will help the operator to get less weight in the back.


The inner layer of the vest also has the molle for more pouch attachments.


There is a 2nd inner layer of the side panel, the 2nd layer which can carry the SOF side plate for more protection.


The design is very impressive from the plate insert, usually plate carriers insert the plates from the bottom but this PTAC  is the other way around to inset the plate from above, this helps the plate to be more secure and wont fall off during most of the the combat situation, inside the plate holding layer it also has a hydration bladder insert space so you dont need to carry another hydration pouch out and save the back molle for other tactical purpose items such like flash bang, extra magazines, door charge and ect.



CONFIGURATION A- Leaving the front of the PTAC clear so during pron position the pouches wont press against the chest front.



Putting the Admin pouch in the front center and one utility pouch and the left side and one radio pouch at the right side.







Conclusion, this is a very good plate carrier for direct action mission, it is compact and the same time it can carry out the stuff that fits your mission and also can have protection from Level 3 soft armour, Level 4 strike plate and side strike plate, I would say this will be a good choice for the operators out there and will have the Gen 2 PTAC review coming up next.

Thank you for reading, cheers to all




Saw this NSW operator with the MP7 photo about a month ago, before seeing the SEALs with the MP7, I did not have much impression about the rifle, just heard that it was very compact but yet very lethal compare to the MP5 and UMP series cause of the ammo this rifle carries  is 4.6x30mm compare to the 9mm and .45.

SEALs has high mobility speed and they have to go deep into enemy territories with the shadow. This rifle would be perfect to fit in what  SEALs need in their operation. Therefore LBT has design the vest just for the operator who carriers this weapon in the battle field. Basically you can only see the vest name in the official home page but you can see the image of the vest, so here I bring this photo to all you readers to see this vest the ” LBT-2586B MP7″



The first photo with the general feature of the vest is how it looks like when you put all the pouches on the vest and 2nd photo I separate 5 pouches so it will be easier for you readers to see what pouches are includes in this vest, as I marked the number of the 5 major components in the photo, please check the details below to see the 5 different pouches.

  1. Molle low profile chest vest
  2. Admin/Utility Pouch
  3. Smoke Grenade/Flash Bang/Utility Pouch
  4. Smoke Grenade/Flash Bang/Utility Pouch
  5. Molle Radio/Pistol holder pouch

LBT-2586B MP7 comes in 2 colors, Coyote Tan and Multicam, 2 photos above is the color ” Coyote TAN” people use to confused with the coyote brown. Recently SEALs has their own color compare to the other SOF units, this pattern is the AOR1/Digital Desert. There are some of you might doubt is this really used by the NSW operator, or people usually ask me ” Do you have a photo of they are using this vest?” Well the answer is  NO, and you dont need every single photo to see the truth, just need to pay attention to detail and you will find the truth. Now lets take a look into the details of this NSW low profile chest vest.

“NSW LBT-2586B MP7”

The AOR1 version has one main difference compare to the coyote tan version, that will be cordura denim, usually this vest is build with 1000D cordura but this special version is build by the 330D, people’s first impression will have 3 common questions ” Is 330D tough enough to go through all the operations?” and ” Why are they using 330D instead of 1000D, isn’t 1000D is more durable compare to the 330D?” I will answer the 3 questions in my opinion after checking this vest.

Q: Is 330D tough enough to go through all the operations?

A: Yes it is enough for you to crow around and dig yourself into the mud and sand.

Q:Why are they using 330D instead of 1000D?

A: Because it is much light and softer compare to the 1000D, it gives the operator better comfort when they have heavy load of gear and ammo

Q:Isn’t 1000D is more durable compare to the 330D?

A:Yes it is a lot more durable then the 330D but it is so though that it will take years before it starts to rip and it is too heavy compare to the 330D. And 330D also dries up quicker compare to the 1000D.
With the 3 Q&A, hope this will help people’s questions in their mind, now lets take a look of the details of the vest from left to right, actually this is molle low pro chest rig meaning you can compose the position of the pouches where every you want but this is just a sample set up.


On the left side of the vest, I attached the 2 utillity pouches, this pouch can fit smoke grenade x1 and Mk141 x1 and it also can fit one M4 30 round magazine. it seems small but it actually can expand to fit variations of gear and ammo.


The admin/utility pouch was placed in the middle of this vest, you can put the unit patch or any other reflective patches at the front side of the panel which has the Velcro on it.

Inside each pouch has the LBT tag with the description, this pouch can fit about 3 MK141 or 6 pieces of 9mm pistol magazines or other accessories like knifes,surefire or other tools.


The radio with molle strap was placed at the right side of the vest, this radio pouch looks quite small compare to the others but it actually can fit PRC148 without any difficulty and some operators can also place his pistol in this pouch.


The Last detail lets take a look into will be the shoulder strap, it is simple but yet very comfortable specially LBT has choose the soft nylon webbing compare to the 1000d version, on the shoulder strap it also has 4 elastic band to hold the water host line, radio anttena or other stuff like radio PTT or carabiner.


The LBT-2586B-MP7 will be a good choice for the operator or any other MP7 users, this vest is light, easy to wear and can holds all the stuff you be needing, you can also wear it over a plate carrier and it wont even be bothering you and makes you feel bulky cause of it’s design, it is thing but yet it can be wear easily and with the 4 quick release buckle you can quickly release the vest during the battle when facing situations that you might need to drop your vest and keep your plate carrier.

Thank you all for reading and support my blog.

Cheers to all.



First time I know there was LBT-1961A in ACU was way back at 2006, the ACU model was not even in the official website, I got the ACU version by mistake send by LBT, so I called them up and ask , the answer I got that time was the NSW operators was using this ACU model but I was only 50% percent convinced cause as you know how salesman will do anything to push out their products to the consumer  still when I look at the vest I think this chest rig has better camouflage effect in urban environment than the khaki version specially in those concrete wall but that time I was still a ” TOO SEE IS TO BELIEVE” dude so I still return the ACU 1961A back to LBT and changed for the khaki version.

“Please click here for larger image”

General Features

  • 4 M16/M4 magazine pockets with hook and loop closure
  • 2 radio pockets with 3/4″ webbing and side release adjustable closure
  • 2 pockets for night vision goggles/batteries located in front of radio pockets (flap with hook and loop closure)
  • 2 additional utility/fragmentation grenade pockets on the outside of night vision goggles/battery pockets (webbing with side release adjustable closure)
  • Interior pocket with elastic loops and hook and loop closure for storage of maps or spare magazines Includes removable holster
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps with side release for attachment of backpack (not included)
  • Rear horizontal shoulder strap with adjustable hook and loop
  • Elastic and hook and loop closure on shoulder straps guide antenna wire/hydration bladder hose
  • Adjustable waist strap with webbing and side release at each side

Materials / Construction

  • 1000 denier DuPont Cordura
  • MIL-SPEC nylon webbing
  • Type “E” Thread (VT 295 nylon, bonded), double stitched and bar-tacked at stress points

Until few month ago, I saw this NAVY SEAL “KISS” VIDEO in the web and was able to catch some photos on one of the SEAL operator was using the 1961A ACU version, In the photo you can tell that the operator is wearing the 2nd gen HPFU combat uniform, there are some rumor saying that the first version was the ” NAVY VERSION” and the 2nd gen is the ” CIVILIAN VERSION”, but this myst just got ” BUSTED” by the SEAL “KISS” photo, there are people who would like to stick with the past but for my understand, SEALs like New toys, and NEW gear and new challenge in any moment of their life. They wont care what version of BDU they are using, as long as it is working more efficiently and gets their job done faster and smoother.


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From the video of  D.E.A F.A.S.T team together with the U.S Navy Sailors in Afghanistan doing their drug busting to cut down the Terrorists financial founds, I found some thing familiar in the video which is  the ” Dump Pouch” on most of the operators belt. First look I was pretty sure it was made by the tactical brand C.S.M but I had a little doubt cause of its color it is dark tan, it is quite dark compare to the dump pouch before. There are 3 photos I crop down from the video during the extraction of the NSW operator with the C.S.M Dump pouch.

Until I saw these photos and video I did not know the difference between the military issue and the civilian model of the dump pouch and for a good chance of luck I was able to find the “military version CSM dump pouch”, now lets take a look and see.





The dump pouch at the left is the early version and comes with the black tag beside the tag color different you can see I put the arrow to point out the difference between the early version and the current version that the S.O.F are using.

A) The nylon cord with the washer and lock button was original place at the front side of the dump pouch but the latest version they have change it to the back for fast tighten up the pouch to ensure that what ever is important in that pouch wont be lost or drop during the operation also it was replace at the back side for safety reason, it is harder to break when it is more near the body.

B) The latest mil version also comes with the velcro and the foldable function so that when the pouch is empty or not used the operator cant fold it up and when they need to use it just simple pull the velcro strap down and the dump pouch will also be ready in action.

Finally lets take a look at the tag of this dump pouch it has the “NSN” number compare to the commercial version.



These patches was used during mission of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s special-ops Foreign Advisory and Support Team in Afghanistan. This was a capture/kill mission that took place on 9/11 to take out a taliban kingpin who was a large drug facilitator in Kandahar province. The raid turned up heroin, opium, precursor chemicals and bomb-making materials. The explosion toward the end of the piece is those items going up in smoke.

It has been quite a while that the SEALs and DEA has work together for drug bust after those snakes in Panama. For stopping the terrorist the most important and vital is to attack them from their money supply, many people may not know that how those terrorist get their funds is from selling pirated CD and drugs also the guns in the black market. To be able to stop them and their activities, the operators has to go down where it begins.

The patch from the left was used by the D.E.A agent and the one from the right was used by the N.S.W Operators,



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From the previous review on the Invisio M3 model, This is the another version of the invisio, The M4 series is the advance model of the M3.

This headset is custom made for each person’s ear shape to fit exactly on the person’s ear only, the reason for doing that is to decreased the stress when you wear this headset on your ear for very long time during the operation. This headset has been order by the US NAVY SEALs for more then 2000 set at the year of 2009.

Front View of M4s, which has the laser marking of ” R” right ear and the brand ” INVISIO”

Now when I first saw the headset I was wonder how the headset was made and can be done? After the meeting with INVISIO, I get to know how the headset is made to fit each other person’s different ear shapes, when you purchased the M4 series, first thing you need to do is made your ear molding and send the molding to the local dealer and it will be 3d scan and cut out the shape with very accurate precision laser and it will be exactly fit to your ear.

The Inner view of the Invisio M4s, as you can see there is a small whole on the ear piece and that is for receiving the sound. and the small black part is sensor for the bone vibration it can capture the vibration and convert it to sound, it is really amazing that you can put that black part anywhere your body and it can transmit the vibration into sound. I really got surprise how accurate the sound is and you can even whisper very lightly and it still clear as crystal.


  • Custom made by polymer ear molds that can fit extreme environments
  • Vibration sensing bone conduction for clear speach total elimination of Ambient noises
  • High performance balanced speaker with low distortion
  • Ultra light weight and small form factor
  • Kevlar reinforce cable with Teflon insulation and a pull strength of over 20KG
  • Submersible under 20 meters
  • Unique whisper function
  • Compatible with helmets, gas masks


Many people have seen this headset on the photos and personally when I first saw it on the photo, I just had this doubt in my mind that is this ” Tinny Thing” really good? and as normal people has this mind set that ” HUGE is GOOD” but in the  world of electronic devices  that will be the opposite  the smaller you are the price is higher and besides this headset is ” STRONG, SMALL, COMFORTABLE that is the ultimate reason the true operators chooses to fit there mission

” It pays to be a WINNER”

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Mk141 Flash Bang Dummy!

MK141 MOD0 Dummy Model IN STOCK  NOW !!!