T3 Gear meeting Shot Show 2014

Silent Professional are very honored that we were invited to the T3 Gear VIP show room at Shot Show 2014 and had a blast meeting and checked out their latest gear available.

Me with with 2 of the T3 gear representatives



After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1998 with a degree in Systems Engineering, Lawrence served as an Apache pilot and a Reconnaissance Pilot supporting U.S. Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He also commanded a premier reconnaissance operational unit conducting counter-narcotic and anti-guerilla operations in Central and South America.  His last assignment was as a contractor conducting military flight operations overseas.  Currently, Lawrence is a member of the Air National Guard flying  MQ-1 Predator.   He was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Meritorious Service Medal.



After joining the military because of 9/11, Trevor left the active duty SEAL Teams in October 2011. During his operational career, he deployed with SEAL Teams ONE, FIVE and SEVEN along with Group One and Support Activity One. Trevor worked in a range of specialized capacities such as sniper, tactical surveillance operator, pointman, breacher and lead climber. Additionally, he accomplished four combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia.  His final assignment with the Teams was creating a new canine effort for Naval Special Warfare. As a K-9 Handler/Master Trainer, Trevor developed a model program with his four-legged partner, Chopper.
Prior to joining the Teams, Trevor was a professional surfer.

Simple T3 Booth at Shot Show 2014

NEW!!! T3 camo Kydex Holster…available soon with Silent Professional

NEW!!! T3 camo Kydex Holster…available soon with Silent Professional

NEW!!! T3 coyote and OD Kydex Holster…available soon with Silent Professional

T3 Products available in Silent Professional Retail Shop

We will be glad to provide all you customers of T3 Gear 2014, please feel free to email us if you are interested in wholesale,

yes we ship worldwide

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