“No Easy Day” by Mark Owen

In one of the special occasion  Silent Professional was able to meet with Griffon Ind and talk about their very unique collaboration products with Mark Owen. Griffon mentioned he might be meeting up M.O very soon to talk about their special projects.

Patriot, Warrior, Hero- Mark Owen !!!

After few month when we meet again with Griffon, he said: ” hey bro, I got something for you”, In my mind I was thinking some cool special edition Griffon Ind products or limited edition gifts and when he bring the gift out and it was the book of ” No Easy Day”  and then he said again: ” Open it ” , immediately saw the signature from M.O on the book, the photo below shows what Mark Owen wrote for Silent Professional ” From one Badass to Another! Thanks for all your Support! ” One Team, One Fight”, this book truly inspire me a lot and I could never imaging M.O was able to  know about Silent Professional and sign this precious book for us.

Actual Signature by M.O

Maybe some may say the signature can be a copy or not the authentic signature by M.O on the book but check the photo above as you may see M.O at left is actually holding the book with the signature for Silent Professional in the photo with Griffon at the right and Atomicmike at the center.

Thank you for Griffon Ind for setting up  this unbelievable surprise gift from Mark Owen for Silent Professional!!!!!

Cheers to all and looking forward to bring you more Griffon x Mark Owen x Silent Professional surprises and products.
Hope you all have a great weekend



When I first saw “DA” was with the NRA video on the web and I actually saw Dom and the DA’s crew at shot show twice this year, first was when I walking on the hall and with one glance I  saw the very catching eye shirt and Dom right there.  I really wanted to ask the crew where can I purchase this great shirt and take a photo with the founder Dom, but once I was thinking to approach there are so many people around the DA Team and Dom already, so I have to move on to my next meeting and having the thoughts ” We will see each other again sometime”, at the 2nd day at the shot, I saw Dom again at the Arcteryx Leaf booth this time I must not waste this chance….unluckily when I just turned my foot…huge crowed just went up to him and I had to explain the Arcteryx Leaf products to my boss and missed the 2nd chance.

After I am back from the shot, I have been following the Dynamis Alliance web page and finally I saw the T shirt that I saw at shot show this year so I decided to purchase them for myself and supporting DA.

Just received a call today from DHL and they just received a very special gift for me after a long working week today, when I open the package  I saw the Dynamis Alliance logo T shirt right on top of all other gear, when I take a closer look at the shirt it  has a very unique signature on it, the signature says ” CRUSH EVERYTHING-DR” Wait a minute….DR?…WOW….Dom Raso?  Hell Yeah!!!!

After look at the shirt and signature and understand what is the meaning of dynamis allience, it charges my battery up to 200% and ready to rock and roll again with the inspiration from Dom Raso, really appreciated your words and inspiration.

For whom was like me did not know what dynamis alliance means, here is the definition:

Dynamis Alliance means: The will to fight with the warrior brothers in the battle , shoulder to shoulder and fight until the end no matter what the circumstance is and finish the fight, this is so much of a SEAL mind set and the wiliness to give everything that they got and never give up, this makes me love the design and concept so much about DA.


“DR’s Navy Working Photo”
“Above was the signature from DR , it says CRUSH EVERYTHING”

Front logo: Spartan Shield with Dyamis Alliance brand name
Back logo: The will to fight

This is a low profile version of the shirt , but the A letter stands out very nicely and firm to symbolize the spirit of Brother Hood!

“Took a detail shoot of  all the logos because it was really lowpro and hard to see ”

Lastly, this T shirt build with the next level plain T, it is very comfortable and soft cotton and has a nice cut and comes with different sizes, really recommend this T shirt , it is really inspiring and keep our mind and body the will to fight no matter what happens or stand in our way.

Thank you again DR and hope everyone stay pumped with the mind set of WILL TO FIGHT AND CRUSH EVERYTHING!!!


Spartan Airsoft Tactical “DUMMY TOY PVG-18”

January 2013 ” Zero Dark Thirty” has overwhelming world wide , specially at the last 40 mints of the movie,  it is about the closest action on conducting operation “Geronimo”,  everybody was so shocked how realistic the movie goes and special the gear on the DEVGRU guys in the movie, it is the first time for me to see the GPNVG18 active in action, after seeing the movie…lots of people loved the GPNVG18 and start talk about it.

GPNVG18 is just so cool and I am sure it is definitely lots of people’s top dream wish list, but Spartan Airsoft about to make the dream of keeping a GPNVG18 for your collection true with their hard work and faith.

We got the exclusive photos on the details of the “Spartan Airsoft” made Deluxe Version of the GPNVG18 Dummy / Model kit, from the official spartan airsoft they mentioned that there will be 2 version, one is the deluxe version and one is the economic version, lots of you might wonder what are the difference between the 2 version, dont worry folks..we will be glad to get you the answers here.

Economic Version

Price: 40 USD (Shipping not included)

1. GPNVG18 main body only

2. Build with ABS plastic

Deluxe Version

Price: 105 USD (Shipping not included)

1. Include realistic blue lens

2. Include the battery pack

3. Build-in green led light for your night photo ops

4. Build with combination of fiber and durable material

5. Realistic Detail size and weight

6. 800 pieces worldwide limited only, each comes with the serial number on the unit





From Spartan Airsoft news, this model will be release around April. 2013, which is 2 month from now

Since this model is worldwide 800 sets limited edition, it is definite wroth for all you collectors to get your hands on one or two,

Please contact us for pre-orders

Or simply click: http://www.silent-professional.com/eng_products.asp?product_id=163&category_id=15 for the pre-order

Worldwide Shipping

Thank you for viewing

Spartan Airsoft Tactical “DUMMY TOY PVG-18” is based on the GPNVG-18 open source pictures from internet, our product will NOTguarantee the scale and
details are as same as real GPNVG-18.
Our product is a plastic dummy toy intended for display purpose only. This is non-function and NO compartment or construction design for any night vision device install.
The product will be engraved “Dummy Toy For Display Purpose Only” as to identify this product is only a toy.
All images is prototype sample for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.



 As of all you knows that ” MEDAL OF HONOR WARFIGHTER”  is one of  the ultimate game of the year 2012, the story line , the gear, they even put the operator real life side story for you to understand how the special operation personnel feels and what they do, this is a must play video game specially for those who are die hard on military simulation type of games , in this game you can actually get the actual feelings and actions of those real warfighters out there in the front line who fought for  our country and freedom, the game has been out 2 month from now and I guess lots of the players in the world know how this game goes and I wont need to say another word about it, even though there were few bugs and few  missions needs to change but everyone knows this is one of the best military games of the year.

Early  2011, one NEW email just popped up in the mail box, the email was telling us that they need few advises on the game character costumes and need to discuss with us by phone, without expectation we left a number for contact and just waiting and see how things will go, the following day early morning 7am I received a call that did not show the number , I did not think too much but just pick up the phone and while talking to the people I still did not realize that who I am helping out so I was little suspicious and ask for the company info and other details.

And finally at our conversation on the phone, the lady asked me ” Have you ever heard of the game Medal of Honor “………at that moment……I was shocked and blinked my eyes for few times and …..” Holly Sh**…..” was popped up in my mind and it was just truly stunning and I was very glad to talking to the developer of the new game that is going to release at next year called ” MEDAL OF HONOR WARFIGHTER “, It is my honor to work Danger Close Group in such a great company called Electronic Arts.

The reason for updating this article this late is because when we first agreed to work together, we have sign the NDA and the private contract with EA and Danger Close Group, working with EA was very nice and smooth although there were many works needs to be done and we spend lots of times revising the project and other details.


When I first saw the packages, I thought it was a delivery mistake but when I look closely the Fedex labels…It was surely our package but we did not know what was inside the box.

The 2 packages lets called them Package Alpha and Package Bravo


It was a flat box… the contents says Video Games…Not for re-sale…hmmmmm is it the game for us to play?


It was a roll of something…. straight from EA Los Angeles

we called out all of our development team member to the meeting room immediately and open the package ……and wow the gifts were priceless and we were stunned again, everyone  decide to frame those surprises and hang it in our wall


1. “MAKO” and “BLACKBIRD” Patches from Danger Close Group, the size of the patch is actually bigger than the LBX version of Patch.

2. There was the Medal Of Honor game CD but it has all the signature of the DCG designers and developers on the cover.

3. At the Inside of the CD case, it has a little that saying ” To SilentPro thank you and your team for the help” from The Team at DCG



This is my favorite gift from the package, this poster is very details with the ST6 concept drawing with the AOR1 gear and the GPNVG18 on the operator’s head and with the Bin Laden Down photo.



This is one of legend MOH Warfighter logo poster, this poster has lots of feeling into the game when you see the poster it will automatic think of the game, the color and fading is nice on the printed poster, sorry the photo cant tell the details was really nice





2012 New Adventure Lights VIP & Helmet Mount

VIP Adventure lights are very popular in the past 10 years and was used by Special Operations and Police all over the world. First time I got mine VIP and just wonder if it was the same as the Invoa strobe light seems like the shape was the same but right after I put in the battery I know VIP is totally different than any other strobe lights on the market, It is  very durable and can signal strong strobe light for 120 hours straight, right there I knew there is nothing can beat the VIP light by Adventure Lights.

Recently on my review of the manta strobe, we know that operators likes to place the strobe lights on their helmet and manta strobes seems like the best option for mounting on the helmet, but now VIP has came out with a new product that makes the light has ability to mount on the helmet and can competitive with the other lights.

Adventure lights came out with 2 new product this year:

1. VIP lights in khaki color

2. VIP Helmet mount

Many would ask: why VIP did not change the outer shape of the strobe light?

The answer is simple: Because it is design so well and has not any complain so there is no purpose of redesign the product and keep it simple to provide users easy access and  very powerful strobe light.

Competitive Advantages of the VIP light with the VIP helmet mount:

1. Price Advantage:  The VIP light+the mount is cheaper than Manta Strobe

2. Light Advantage: The strobe light has stronger output light source compare to the Manta Strobe special on the IR mode.

3. Ability Advantage: You can buy 1 light and has dual purposes, normally you can use your light on your vest, bag and other equipments and by simply adding the mount, you can use the light as a visible and IR strobe for rescue and other missions.

Lets take a look at the Tan color VIP light with the Mount System

“Front View”

“Side View”

“Adventure Lights VIP Helmet Mount”

The VIP Helmet mount comes with 2 colors, Black and Khaki and comes with 3 different model with different functions which are :

Non locking model: This type can allow users to turn their VIP from both left and right side, it does not block any side but it also has a risk that the operator might turn on the mode they don’t want to turn on accidentaly, but to me that wont happen much because you need to turn the switch to a proper amount of force so the light can be on.

Left switch locking model: This model blocks all switches from the left, meaning you only can turn the right side.

Right locking model: This model blocks all switches from the right, meaning you only can turn the left side.



Adventure lights would like all the readers to know that there are lots of the “FAKE” VIP lights on the market and made by those cheap materials from China, those lights are not battle tested using that light for your mission will put yourself in danger and helpless when the time of needs on the strobe light, please go through Adventure official dealers to purchase the original lights.

“Hope you enjoy this review, Thank you all”


美國佛基服飾品牌由 MIKE .S 及 RYAN .W兩位美國海軍特種部隊(US NAVY SEALs)於2008年2月所創立.

這兩位品牌創立人於海豹部隊服役資歷共有21年,他們經歷過許多戰役包括:伊拉克,阿富汗,非洲,科索沃與波斯尼亞,也曾擔任過美國海軍特戰 “基本水中爆破/海豹三棲部隊”的種子教官.

美國佛基服飾的品牌理念及精神建立於友誼,尊重與自由的價值. 所有佛基服飾產品都是由兩位業主親自設計.




FORGED was founded in 2008 february by 2 US NAVY SEALs, Mike S and Ryan W.

With a combined 21 years in the Teams, they are distinguished veterans of several war time campaigns, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Kosovo and Bosnia, including tours as instructors at the BUD/S SEAL training pipeline.

FORGED is fueled by the values of Brotherhood, Respect and Freedom. Our shirts are hand-designed by the owners personally. We run our own show and take pride in being involved with our customers and giving them a top end product with meaning behind it.

We want our customers to be able to wear our clothing knowing that they not only have a cool, quality piece of apparel, but that they’re also part of a smaller, unique community of core individuals.




R.I.P~ “Han Ju ho” (한주호 ) South Korea UDT/SEAL warrant officer.

South Korean Navy’s Underwater Demolition Team warrant officer Han Ju-ho (C, wearing diving suit), 53, and fellow soldiers stand on its Landing Ship Tank transport vessel Seonginbong as they search for possible survivors from the sunken naval ship Cheonan off Baengnyeongdo, an island near the border with North Korea March 29, 2010. Han experienced difficulty in breathing after working underwater, had a fall and died on March 30, 2010. The South Korean naval ship sank on Friday night near the disputed maritime border with the North and 46 sailors were reported missing. Picture taken March 29.

South Korean Navy honor guard carry the coffin of Han Joo-Ho, a 53-year-old Navy warrant officer and a veteran of the Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) during the funeral ceremony at a military hospital in Seongnam, south of Seoul on April 3, 2010. Han lost consciousness on March 30 while struggling to reach the sunken vessel. He was rushed to a medical facility aboard a nearby US ship but died on arrival. Han’s death deepened the nation’s grief as the search continued for the missing 46 seamen, who were aboard the patrol combat corvette PCC-772 Cheonan that sank last week. The other 58 crew members aboard the vessel were rescued, but the hope of finding more survivors was dimming as rescue efforts have been thwarted by poor weather and visibility.

Members of an honour guard carry a portrait of Han Ju-ho, warrant officer of the South Korean Navy’s Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), and the coffin containing his body during his funeral in Seongnam, south of Seoul April 3, 2010. Han, who experienced difficulty in breathing after working underwater to search for possible survivors from the sunken naval ship Cheonan off Baengnyeongdo island, died on March 30. The naval ship sank at night on March 26 near the disputed maritime border with North Korea and 46 sailors are missing.

In memory of Warrent Officer Han Ju-ho


Han ju ho is a real warrior  who give his whole life for his TEAM, his mission and his country.

Lets all give your silent moment and salute







707 in Lebano 2010

The 707th Special Mission Battalionis the elite Special Forces unit in the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command. The battalion’s nickname is ‘White Tiger”

The unit had been formed after the Munich Massacre, which forced the South Korean government to create a counter-terrorist unit in time for the 1988 Olympics that would be held in South Korean soil. The 707th SMB has also been called on by the South Korean government to prioritize potential counter-terrorist operations against any possible Al-Qaeda operation in South Korean soil.

The 707th Special Mission Battalion also trains with foreign partners, such as U.S. Army‘s Delta ForceBritish Special Air ServiceRussian FSBAlpha Group, French GIGNFBI HRTHong Kong SDU, and Singapore Police Force STAR. The purpose is to experience and increase relationships and exchanges with international Special Forces communities.

The first time I was introduced about this unit was from “Blackdiver” he told about this unit and their tough training course in South Korea, so I searched on youtube and find their crazy PT and professional CT training and have lots of respect for this unit. When ever I have vacation and visit S.K “B.D” will always ask me: “did you meet any 707 or did you met any Korea NSW people?” and my answer will always disappoint him, until last year, I have a exhibition for LBT gear in S.K, I was able to meet a REAL DEAL 707 in the exhibition and was really glad to meet a humble and well skilled operator in S.K, I knew how the Asian SF operators are having hard time with their poor OFFICIAL ISSUE tactical gear without 2nd thoughts I pull out a MAP pouch and a CQB Sling of LBT and give him as a gift for his missions. And he gave me his patch for token of our friendship.

Few days ago, I just saw their photo in the net and was wondering if I can see my friend there and luckily I was able to find his photo and I was very glad to see he was using my products during his missions in Lebano and I know there are people may think that I was B.S and making up a story  so here I attached the photo when I first meet him in the exhibition. I cover half of his face so you can match with the photos in Lebano.

Mission photos from


I am really glad help those operators and will continue support them always.


Singapore Naval Diving Unit

The Naval Diving Unit (NDU) is a Combat diver unit of the Republic of Singapore Navy, and is regularly tasked in salvage operations, underwater mine demolition and naval special warfare.

Basic training includes:

  • drown-proofing training
  • pool competency
  • fast roping
  • improvised explosive device disruption
  • underwater mine disposal
  • explosive ordnance disposal
  • special land operations

NDU divers are also regularly sent overseas for training, in particular, with the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets), US Navy SEALs and the Australia Special Air Service.

First time I heard about this unit is from  friend of mine, he told me that his buddy in his class was from Singapore and they are called NDU, after talking to him more I got to know that actually Singapore NDU trains here very often and has a good relationship with the Taiwan UDT. His best friend and buddy was from the NDU, he told me that at first time hid NDU buddy saw Taiwan’s “ROAD TO HEAVEN” , he said  ” Law Ji Bai lei( Damm SH*T)…I am not going to this course” but the funny thing is that after he got back from Taiwan for a few month and he was told he is going to have the UDU course in Taiwan.

I was able to dig out this very rare NDU shirt from the my meeting trip and I find that the logo of frog has the though frog impression and when I got to know more about NDU, a lot of the NDU goes to courses  all over the world and they have trained with many different combat diver units around the world and yet they are still silent and humble, most of the NDU operator has at least gone to US SEAL training, ranger, green beret, AUS SAS (The “BAD” course as the NDU mentioned). I can imagine how much experiences in training and in combat the Sinapore NDU can have, It is a elite unit of the world.

Looking forward to find more info and stories about the NDU and share with my blog readers. Cheers to all.


” Permission to fire”

“CQBR+M203 Configuration”


Please feel free to contact me