“The Nightmare” Warriors of Philippines Mindanao!

Just received these bad ass  photos from our client  a Team of  ” The Nightmare ”  NAVSOG warriors down south in Mindanao! After they received the package they decided to give this special version of the  silent professional assaulter cap “The Nightmare” a test right away at the range and they were very satisfied with our quality and took these photos after.

Their feedback on the cap was: ” We can wear the cap all day long without taking it off even during our break of the training because it stays so cool and dry all the time, this is our favorite cap for now compare to the others available in the local market, we will wear these with pride for deploying in our missions in the front line”

From the photo below you can see operators were training with our ” Nightmare ” cap under the Philippine’s heat and sun!

Precision shooting with the local way!!!

Have a nice weekend!!!



The vest set up is just simple but deadly~

Hooyah!!! NAVSOG-6

Gibson Jungle Boots!

Gibson jungle boots, it is base on the design of the US jungle boots Sole Pattern – Panama but this jungle boots are made in the Philippines and there are 2 different versions of gibson jungle boots, one is the ordinary jungle boots and the other one is the class A jungle boots, the different between the 2 is the material used and Nylon Coated Brass Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing System

This boots may look very ordinary compare to all the expensive and fancy tactical boots but I personally love this boots very much for the asian jungle terrain, in the jungle it works way better then any tactical boots in the market and the price comes cheap. this is also one of the best jungle boots choice for the navsog operators until today, this boots is simple, light weight and durable in the dirty mud and sand.

First got the boots

After deep jungle op

This is the reason why i love about the boots so much….cause it grab the soil real tight even in the hard rain.