Silent Professional Assaulter Cap “Venom”

After our first version of the assaulter cap “Trident”(AOR1)  was released to the “TEAM” guys and we immediately  got their special request for the producing the AOR2 version cap , previously we could not confirm any production release date to meet their request.

With the  “Never Give Up”strong mind set and luck we were able to source out the authentic materials that is needed to build this limited edition Assaulter cap for their upcoming deployment and now the caps are down range.

Story Behind:

The name ” Venom” came from the concept of the operators stay concealed working through the shadow of the deep undiscovered jungle like all the predators with their venom always ready to bring death to their prey before they even know it.

The AOR2 (Area Of Response 2) camouflage was specially design for the Naval Special Warfare members and only available to them in the early stage. With this special vertical pattern provides the operator better concealment for blending in the jungle vegetation. To earn and wear this special pattern presents the honor , brotherhood and warrior spirit of the Navy landing force who operate in the SEA. AIR. LAND.

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