“No Easy Day” by Mark Owen

In one of the special occasion  Silent Professional was able to meet with Griffon Ind and talk about their very unique collaboration products with Mark Owen. Griffon mentioned he might be meeting up M.O very soon to talk about their special projects.

Patriot, Warrior, Hero- Mark Owen !!!

After few month when we meet again with Griffon, he said: ” hey bro, I got something for you”, In my mind I was thinking some cool special edition Griffon Ind products or limited edition gifts and when he bring the gift out and it was the book of ” No Easy Day”  and then he said again: ” Open it ” , immediately saw the signature from M.O on the book, the photo below shows what Mark Owen wrote for Silent Professional ” From one Badass to Another! Thanks for all your Support! ” One Team, One Fight”, this book truly inspire me a lot and I could never imaging M.O was able to  know about Silent Professional and sign this precious book for us.

Actual Signature by M.O

Maybe some may say the signature can be a copy or not the authentic signature by M.O on the book but check the photo above as you may see M.O at left is actually holding the book with the signature for Silent Professional in the photo with Griffon at the right and Atomicmike at the center.

Thank you for Griffon Ind for setting up  this unbelievable surprise gift from Mark Owen for Silent Professional!!!!!

Cheers to all and looking forward to bring you more Griffon x Mark Owen x Silent Professional surprises and products.
Hope you all have a great weekend


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