US. Special Forces Operator with SP IR Call Sign Patches

It’s our honor to received these precious photos from the member of U.S Army Special Forces / ODA ” OZ” using of our operator call sign patch during his training, about a year ago we met OZ at a very special occasion and after a few discussions of concept exchange we decided to give it a try and come up with our new patch design to fit his and other SF guys needs.

“photos taken of the IR special forces tab with the green beret logo patch along with his call sign and blood type before shipping out”

“OZ rocking Silent Professional Operator Call Sign Patch on his pack and shoulder at work.”

“OZ’s CQC Gear SET”

“OZ conducting CQC Training”

Oz has been deployed to Afghanistan numerous times, and he has operated in Thailand and Africa on missions outside of military service. In 2012, Oz was chosen to conduct counter-poaching operations in South Africa as part of an elite four-man commando team. The Discovery Channel documented the operation for the series, “Battleground Rhino Wars.” The team helped apprehend 77 poachers and crippled several crime syndicates. They also helped train local anti-poaching rangers to enhance their effectiveness.

Thank you for your service OZ and looking forward to see you again next year!


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