LALO Tactical Shadow ” The Intruder “

Lalo Tactical Shadow boots was designed for and in conjunction with U.S Special Forces Operators! “The Shadow” is the Ultimate Special Force Tactical Boot, there are 2 variations of the boot, ” The Intruder”& ” The Amphibian ” . Silent Professional would like to share our first review of the ” Intruder ” boot from the lalo tactical shadow series, let us show you the special features and functions of this fantastic boots.

Lets take look at the entire boots!




This boot may not look like the typical military boots that is available in the market, as we all know the old fashion military boots comes with the 8 inches high cut and bulky feeling outlook , but the Shadow boots provides your feather weight and a very supportive system for your ankle, When you first look at the shadow boots it may come with a little bit of taste of the basketball shoes, but is it really a basketball shoes? Nope it is not but indeed it is a multi functions boots fits the needs of conducting special operation missions. Before we go down to the special features of the boots, SP would like to share with you our interview with ” LALO “

SP: From all of those tactical products why boots?

Lalo: I want to start everything from the ground and basics, which during my deployment the GI boots gave me a lot of problems and during combat, your feet are the one of the essential key to survive and fight through the war, so I decided to learn from my mistakes and wanted to build the best tactical boots for the best guys.



Special Features:
The Tip!

As you can see from the photo, the boots was covered by this special fabric called ” Super Fabric “, I know it sounds cheesy, but this fabric really is the super fabric, it can provide protection for rocks, sharp objects, knife cuts, as you see the fabric wraps the entire front side of the boots all the way to the middle, the hidden function of that is the prevent ripping off the shoes during fast roping insertion from the helo, most of the boots can not last but fast roping is one of the most common way for the special operators to insert to their entry point and carry on to their mission. If your boots gets mess up on your fast roping, it will really effect your team and mission.

The Shoelace!

If you take a look closely at the photo the shoelace that lalo tactical were using are not the traditional round type of the shoelace, instead they use the triangle type of the shoelace. Why? Simply because triangle type of shoelace provides better tightening and grip than round type and it wont break and easily loose after you tightening your shoelace.

The outer part side!

The unique design on the side of the boots provides protection for sharp objects but yet there are ventilation systems within, you may also see the logo of the lalo tactical at the side of the boots


The Inner part side!

As you can see the super fabric is all the way through the middle of the shoes and was sew above the leather to give protection from the heat of fast roping insertions, also another feature you might able to see is there are few spikes at the bottom of the photo.

The Spike!

The spike of the shoes is the legendary design for all the tactical boots, these small metal spikes are build for better climbing skills for ropes, rocks, walls, also in the photo you may see the sole of the boots, between the sole and the spikes there is one hidden feature for the boots, that is the anti penetration layer, Lalo Tactical decided to use a very special material that is flexible and yet still strong for blocking the sharp objects for penetrations, lets take a look at a better view of the next photo below.

The Sole!

The sole part of the boots are just amazing, look at all the details of the sole it simply speaks for itself! Pay attention to the details that is what lalo tactical is all about. You may see the sole has a very special lines is to let the water and soil out as quick as possible to provide better grip and anti slippery.

The Hook!

In the back of the lalo tactical boots, it has also a very special features that is ” The hook ” , this was designed for OTB missions where SOF operators needs to put their fins for their mission, why build ” The hook”? cause from many experience of OTB, after kicking your fins for quite a while your shoes start to get loose on the back strap and this may cause you loosing the fins during your mission and cause your efficiency for your mission. SP also discovered that the hook can be also use for crampons for mountain climbing!

The Tongue!

This part of the shoes is also build to the last details, you can see there is a net compartment for your to store your shoelace after tightening them this gives you a better chance not to loosen your shoelaces and can be stored after your final adjustment, you may also see there is a small label saying ” The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” This carries the spirit of the Navy Seals and SOF all over the world.

Silent Professional would like to thank everyone for subscribing our fan page and hope you guys enjoy reading all the features and functions review of the boots made by us. Get yourself a pair of the shadow boots and rock on your daily life!

Enjoy your weekends!


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