When I first saw “DA” was with the NRA video on the web and I actually saw Dom and the DA’s crew at shot show twice this year, first was when I walking on the hall and with one glance I  saw the very catching eye shirt and Dom right there.  I really wanted to ask the crew where can I purchase this great shirt and take a photo with the founder Dom, but once I was thinking to approach there are so many people around the DA Team and Dom already, so I have to move on to my next meeting and having the thoughts ” We will see each other again sometime”, at the 2nd day at the shot, I saw Dom again at the Arcteryx Leaf booth this time I must not waste this chance….unluckily when I just turned my foot…huge crowed just went up to him and I had to explain the Arcteryx Leaf products to my boss and missed the 2nd chance.

After I am back from the shot, I have been following the Dynamis Alliance web page and finally I saw the T shirt that I saw at shot show this year so I decided to purchase them for myself and supporting DA.

Just received a call today from DHL and they just received a very special gift for me after a long working week today, when I open the package  I saw the Dynamis Alliance logo T shirt right on top of all other gear, when I take a closer look at the shirt it  has a very unique signature on it, the signature says ” CRUSH EVERYTHING-DR” Wait a minute….DR?…WOW….Dom Raso?  Hell Yeah!!!!

After look at the shirt and signature and understand what is the meaning of dynamis allience, it charges my battery up to 200% and ready to rock and roll again with the inspiration from Dom Raso, really appreciated your words and inspiration.

For whom was like me did not know what dynamis alliance means, here is the definition:

Dynamis Alliance means: The will to fight with the warrior brothers in the battle , shoulder to shoulder and fight until the end no matter what the circumstance is and finish the fight, this is so much of a SEAL mind set and the wiliness to give everything that they got and never give up, this makes me love the design and concept so much about DA.


“DR’s Navy Working Photo”
“Above was the signature from DR , it says CRUSH EVERYTHING”

Front logo: Spartan Shield with Dyamis Alliance brand name
Back logo: The will to fight

This is a low profile version of the shirt , but the A letter stands out very nicely and firm to symbolize the spirit of Brother Hood!

“Took a detail shoot of  all the logos because it was really lowpro and hard to see ”

Lastly, this T shirt build with the next level plain T, it is very comfortable and soft cotton and has a nice cut and comes with different sizes, really recommend this T shirt , it is really inspiring and keep our mind and body the will to fight no matter what happens or stand in our way.

Thank you again DR and hope everyone stay pumped with the mind set of WILL TO FIGHT AND CRUSH EVERYTHING!!!



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