Silent Professional Chameleon Sniper Veil in Action with Israel Force

SP is very glad that recently we  received a few photo from our Israel army forces clients in regular patrol mission with our Chameleon Sniper Veil

(Side photo of the opertator with the Chameleon Sniper Veil)
In the first photo you can see the effect of veil on the desert rocks and the various vegetation , he cover the entire sniper veil over his upper body, you can see the lower body parts were not cover shows the big difference in the desert filed.

(1 meter close up front side photo with the chameleon sniper veil.)
( As you can see the veil gives a good cover for the operator even the operator did not have face paint on but it keeps the face of operator none reflect to the sun and gives him great concealment effect)

(2 meter  front side photo with the chameleon sniper veil.)
(See the photo below compare the exposing part of the operator: pants, backpack, shoes which did not cover with the veil and  the parts he cover his upper body give the operator great camouflage effect.)

(4 meter  front side photo with the chameleon sniper veil.)
( You can barely see the operator in the photo but still can see the solid color of OD backpack and pants)

(Another function according to the operator)
( Use it as an anti bug net and towel while you are resting)

For those other operators who bought our chameleon sniper veil , please feel free to send us your photo and review and Silent Professional will provide you our special feedback gift

Best Regards to All


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