The Angry Frog !!!

Just receipt the photo recently from a good old friend of mine back into the game down range, first time I met this guy was way back in the military hospital, the doctor once told this frog his leg injury is so serious that he may not even get back to the game but he told me that ” That does not work out for me”, so I asked again what is the biggest motivation for going back to the game, he said again to me

” Bro, there is nothing compare to the feeling of hunting another man and fight for my other frog brothers who paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their life for us” without them I won’t be able to live by now , those brothers are what I really fight for!!!

Why called ” Angry Frog ” :

The story is quite interested, during Christmas 2013 the frog friend ordered the ” T3 Gear Modular Assault Pack ” from us, good friend of ours was going to the Philippines so we ask him to carry the pack for us back and send it straight from PH to save time and money, the local delivery service told my friend there is absolute no problem and we can do the door to door delivery service but there will be an extra cost for the door to door, so my friend said no problem as long as you can delivery the stuff to him as soon as possible as soon as he saw the cash pull out from his wallet the delivery man said ” Yes sir, No problem we will delivery it”

10 days after, Angry frog contacted me and ask me if I have send the package, I said yes and I have ask a friend of mine to send it by “L***C” express delivery service, have you not receive your package yet? Angry frog replied: NO NEVER (Angry begins)…I knew something went wrong so I gave him the tracking number and the person in charge so he may contact the logistic company direct.

After hanging up the phone with the logistic company delivery man and found out that the delivery many was laying and told my friend they can not delivery into that area due to many reasons, so my friend started to get angry but he knew it is the way of living there, talk the talk don’t walk the walk. he told the guy ” Fine, then there should be a local office so I can pick up the package myself” the delivery guy answered: Yes it is **** area…. Once my friend heard that area name he turned into ” Angry Frog”  and shouted do you have idea who I am and where that place is??? You better think again and delivery that package ASAP or else your office might blow up next time !!!

Angry frog told me he was really angry because:
1.  The delivery guy lie to him and try to cheat his money
2. The local pick up point was in the center area of terrorist territory, they have no idea how many times we raided there and confiscated many weapons and others , to enter that area as by himself was too dangerous.

After “speaking” with the manager of the logistic company  felt his anger and seriousness decided to delivery the package again and until the moment of the actual delivery clams down the angry frogman!

Right After the packaged was delivered, AF was really happy and satisfied with the pack that he ordered because of the material and quality of stitching makes the gear very tough for his missions, he puts the pack on his PC right away and put our patch on his pack and vest and send us back the photos real time, we really thank him for showing the support Hooyah!!!

Angry Frog set up his LMT modified rifle with the T3 molle assault pack with the SP patch on the back that just delivered to the range in base.

Angry Frog conducting patrol mission down range with T3 Gear molle assault pack with SP patch in southern parts of Philippines jungle.

“Angry frog with his frog mate after the maritime patrol with SP patch on”

After the long patrol mission, the angry frog was happy and satisfied with the T3 molle assault pack and enjoyed the breeze with his buddy on their assault boat.

God bless the year of 2014 for those warriors who stood front for us and protect our freedom.
SP will bring you more updated post in the year of 2014.
Cheers to all



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