Silent Professional Production: Operator Call Sign Patch Available now

Silent Professional operator call sign patches are ready and available now for ordering,

please contact us for more information / Custom special orders

Operator may customize their own call sign patch with mix of maximum 4 alphabets and numbers.

For example”PJ” /”EOD”/ “CCT”/ “JTAC” /” TF91″ / “GE1” / “V14” / “E486” / “02”/ and etc.


*No Minimum Order Quantity

*Military bulk wholesale pricing available

*Does not reflect to any flash light or lights direct contact

* High Reflective IR Material with Diamond class reflective layer

*  Build with High durability  real Dupon cordura material.

* Large Government order- please contact us we will quote the military pricing.

* Shipping to APO/FPO

* You may send your own military unit camo fabric for custom order

* Lead time of the patch order will be around 2 weeks since the day  you place your order, it depends on the quantity of each call sign.

* No shipping to hostile countries


From the photo, it is hard for you to tell if this patch can be reflected under nvg or your camcorder DV, so we run few tests and for you to see more clearly how the patch functions as below.

“Viewing without NVG IR illumination” : From the photo below you can see, if you just turn on your NVG without turning on the IR illumination the patch will stay in stealth mode and the color remains black

“View with NVG IR illumination”: When you turn on the IR illumination with your NVG device, you can see the patches reflects very clearly and see the number clearly and brightly, we are using the very high intensive reflective material for building the patch and even it just shows the SPT three letters but the brightness is the same as the normal GI issue USA IR FLAG patch.


We are welcome for special modification to fit the needs of the each different unit and operators.

Please feel free to contact us :


2 responses

  1. elsmoke

    Whats the price per patch?

    February 10, 2013 at 7:11 AM

    • SilentPro

      please contact us by email

      Thank you sir

      February 18, 2013 at 5:12 AM

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