2012 New Adventure Lights VIP & Helmet Mount

VIP Adventure lights are very popular in the past 10 years and was used by Special Operations and Police all over the world. First time I got mine VIP and just wonder if it was the same as the Invoa strobe light seems like the shape was the same but right after I put in the battery I know VIP is totally different than any other strobe lights on the market, It is  very durable and can signal strong strobe light for 120 hours straight, right there I knew there is nothing can beat the VIP light by Adventure Lights.

Recently on my review of the manta strobe, we know that operators likes to place the strobe lights on their helmet and manta strobes seems like the best option for mounting on the helmet, but now VIP has came out with a new product that makes the light has ability to mount on the helmet and can competitive with the other lights.

Adventure lights came out with 2 new product this year:

1. VIP lights in khaki color

2. VIP Helmet mount

Many would ask: why VIP did not change the outer shape of the strobe light?

The answer is simple: Because it is design so well and has not any complain so there is no purpose of redesign the product and keep it simple to provide users easy access and  very powerful strobe light.

Competitive Advantages of the VIP light with the VIP helmet mount:

1. Price Advantage:  The VIP light+the mount is cheaper than Manta Strobe

2. Light Advantage: The strobe light has stronger output light source compare to the Manta Strobe special on the IR mode.

3. Ability Advantage: You can buy 1 light and has dual purposes, normally you can use your light on your vest, bag and other equipments and by simply adding the mount, you can use the light as a visible and IR strobe for rescue and other missions.

Lets take a look at the Tan color VIP light with the Mount System

“Front View”

“Side View”

“Adventure Lights VIP Helmet Mount”

The VIP Helmet mount comes with 2 colors, Black and Khaki and comes with 3 different model with different functions which are :

Non locking model: This type can allow users to turn their VIP from both left and right side, it does not block any side but it also has a risk that the operator might turn on the mode they don’t want to turn on accidentaly, but to me that wont happen much because you need to turn the switch to a proper amount of force so the light can be on.

Left switch locking model: This model blocks all switches from the left, meaning you only can turn the right side.

Right locking model: This model blocks all switches from the right, meaning you only can turn the left side.



Adventure lights would like all the readers to know that there are lots of the “FAKE” VIP lights on the market and made by those cheap materials from China, those lights are not battle tested using that light for your mission will put yourself in danger and helpless when the time of needs on the strobe light, please go through Adventure official dealers to purchase the original lights.

“Hope you enjoy this review, Thank you all”


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