S&S Precision Manta Strobe

Greetings to all:

“Manta Strobe” by SS Precision is one of the greatest military strobe light in the market, honest when I first saw it was way back 2 years ago and I personally thought this is a master piece and no body can make the Strobe light so small and yet can be easily attached to the ballistic helmet, operators has to do a lot of modification for the “MS2000″ ” VIP strobe” in order to attached to their helmet. Lets take a look at the Manta Strobe photo when it first came out on SS Catalog.


The Design of Manta Strobe is so compact and functional, it is also very easy for the operator to use during emergency evacuation or pick and roll at their LZ.

There are only 3 Mod for the Manta Strobe:

  • First Mod- “IR ON”- Simply press the back button , it will vibrate 3 times to inform the operator that the IR Strobe is on , the vibrate function is  to avoid accidentally IR like the MS2000 and that costs reveal position of the operator and entire TEAM to the enemy.
  • 2nd Mod- ” Visible Strobe Light” – SS notice that strobe on the helmets are too easily and accidently turn on during combat, so they design that the operator needs to press both left and right sides switches to turn on the Visible Green Strobe Blinking Mode. This is for identify operator location and other purpose.
  • 3rd Mod”-” ALL OFF” Simply press the back button again, it will off all the lights and make the strobe back to covert mode.

“Get some!” shouts a young man as he jumps out of an airplane circling the skies above Hollywood,California. The gentleman falling from the sky is a NAVY SEAL, and he’s giving his best effort to raise attention given to the pseudo-propagandist film, “Act of Valor,” which hits theaters on Feb. 24.

Video Link: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/298558/20120214/act-valor-premier-navy-seals-parachute-video.htm

This is my first time to see the Manta Strobe in the motion video  and not just the operator image, this makes decide to make a review on the different versions of the manta strobe for the recent 2 years, Hope all you readers will have a better idea of how the different versions of Manta Strobe look like. Lets take a look into this comparison.


From the left to right in the photo is the “earlier version AKA (DEV VERSION)”,  “2011 version” ,  “2012 version”

1. Check the Arrow at the left side, the DG version has ” V-Lite” letters, the 2011/2012 version did not have any letters as well.

2. Also notice the the yellow square I point out, there is a different of the LED light type, the DG version uses the old school LED, 2011/2012 version uses the new type of LED, The new type of LED is  much smaller,brighter and saving more battery power.

3. Compare both 2011 and 2012 front transparent part, you can see the 2012 is the most clear one and DG version and 2011 is a little bit blurry compare to the 2012 version.

4. The Tail cap of the Manta strobe also being changed, the DG version has the metal long cap and the 2011 version changed it to mix of plastic and fiber and a lot shorter then the dg version, 2012 also is shorter but it has a better grip because they notice operator usually uses gloves and this grip makes operator easier to grab and switch on the strobe.

Maybe some of us will think they change the tail cap from metal to plastic for saving cost, yes true but only half right, SS change the tail cap for 2 main reasons from my view.

A) The old generation tail cap is too long and too easy to get strangle by branches or any objects in the combat and this costs the operator to lose their manta strobe during their operation and trust me you dont want to loose your strobe when you are waiting for your ride at the LZ.

B) Another reason to change the metal cap is because when you twist the cap with the plastic part it slowly eats the plastic out and it will entirely destroy the manta strobe tail part and make it un functional.

“Lets take a look at the photo below it gives you a better idea of what I mean for point 3 and point 4”.

“Tail Cap Comparison”

“Tail Cap Comparison 2”


A) 2011 version outer box is the the none IR version, it states “MS-0011NONIR” and the IR version is the MS-0011, this will help you to identify the version you got.

B) Operation Manual: Civilian version does not include the manual and you can see the photo of the operation manual comparison of the early version and 2012 version.


A U.S. special operations forces team member talks to villagers during a foot patrol in Ghazni province, Afghanistan, Sept. 5. The purpose of the foot patrol was to interact with villagers about the welfare of their village and to meet with village elders.

Lastly for all the readers: Recently  there is a lot of FAKE ” V-Lite” and there is news saying there will be FAKE ” Manta Strobe”, so to those operators please purchase the Manta Strobe with the official dealer or distributor. Imitation goods may have the look but it is not tested in the real field and can not be counted on when you need it for survival and life decision.




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  4. arnaregilsson

    Is it waterproof ?

    April 21, 2013 at 10:07 AM

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