A U.S. special operations forces team member patrols the Khod Valley during a clearing operation in Shahidi Hasas district, Uruzgan province, Afghanistan, Sept. 18, 2011. Afghan and coalition forces partnered to conduct clearing operations in the valley to help provide better security for local citizens.

In the official description of the photo says that  it is special operation force, let me add one world  ” Naval” , This NSW operator just show the entire new cut of the bdu and euipment. From the details it does not look like the Gen III or the GEN II Navy custom.

First time to see this type of BDU in the front line and I was not able to tell which kind of bdu is it.

But from a very trusted source, the BDU that operator is wearing in the photo is the Patagonia Combat Set.

Very rare and Awsome to see the L9 active in duty, Hope this helps guys

Cheers to All. Have a nice day!


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