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The review on the INVISIO X5 and X50 is finally presenting here. At below there are 2 photos attached and shows the features and specifications of this ultimate headset. Why would they call it the ultimate headset is because once you have try this headset you will 99% forget about the other headset and will only go back for Invisio X50 and X5 The first time I have know and test  this head set was way back 2 years ago and I could not find any information on this  unit but I was told that the US Naval Special Operations has purchased this headset for their use, ofcourse to our dear blog reader I have find and attach the photo of the actual headset being deployed with the TEAMs.

“Lets have a look at the photo below”

X50 and X5 active during the NSW base open house this year 2011.

“After look at the photo lets hear the review from Seal Team One Operator”

INVISIO’s X50 control unit with the X5 headset is considerably more comfortable than our standard products, especially in warm weather and for longer periods of use. All team members who use the X50 and the X5 headset find that it provides very good hearing protection and that the sound quality of both received and transmitted sound is fantastic. The sound amplification and dampening of dangerous noises is far superior to anything else I have tried. Quite simply, the X50 with the X5 headset is an impressive communication solution. During the time I have used INVISIO’s communication solution, I have been extremely pleased. This is, however, only a preliminary evaluation: tomorrow I am on a mission again, but I would not choose any other solution.”

“Advantage of the Invisio X50 and X5”

1. Dual in ear bone conduction headset- It is small and light weight which gives the operator better comfort specially in the heat for more than 8 hour mission time.

2. The X5 can have dual hearing protection on 29db NRR, it also have the surround hear-thru compare to other hear protection headset which can only hear the front side not the rear or left and right.

3. The X50 can plug into 2 radios at the same time and you only need one PTT for it, you can configure radio 1 for the ground force and radio 2 for the airstrike and others. It is very easy compare to have 2 ptt and only can talk when you press one ptt.

“Check the refrence photo of One PTT and Two Radio Config”

“PRC148 Maritime Connector Detail”

“PRC148 Urban Connector Detail”

5. We also can use the wireless PTT “M80” and they are not using the blue tooth technology because it runs out battery and not as clear when the battery is low, I will have another review on the M80 wireless PTT.

“Here are more specification data sheets on the X50 and X5”

“After looking at the spec of the 2 units, lets now see the comparison charts of this headset and others, this will help you understand the headset more about this headset”

Please check the comparison between X50+x5 with other headsets available in the market.

“This one is very important shows how INVISIO speech sound can be crystal clear compare to the other brands”


“Here are the radio compatible with the X50 control unit”

“Invisio X50/x5 customer/end user References”

“INVISIO X50+X5+M80 Twin Brothers”

M80 wireless PTT review coming next

Cheers to all and hope this review helps you know X50 better.

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