SEAL TEAM BADGE – This is awarded by the Flag Officer-in-Command, PN to military and civilian personnel of the AFP.

To earn the badge, a personnel must be a regular member of the PN; a graduate from the Basic Underwater Operations/Seal course; and must be physically, psychologically and professionally fit to perform diving skills and combat duties.


The badge is a gold-plated spherical triangle with horizontal base and Silver Star on each side. A pair of silver wings superimposed the triangle at the center and a crowned shark rest horizontally on the center of the spread pair of wings. The trident and an M16 are crossed at 90 degrees and superimposed by the shark.

The triangle represents the three major islands of the country; the wings stand for professionalism in the performance of duty; the crown for superiority in the field; the trident for naval power; the M16 means its counterpart as guardian of the sea; and shark stands for sea activities.

Philippine Marine Corps Scout Sniper Badge ( Also used by the NAVSOG operators because they train with the Marines Scout Snipers)
The Commandant, Philippine Marine Corps awards this badge to officers and enlisted personnel of the Philippine Marine Corps and other AFP Personnel.

To earn this badge one must have successfully undergone the previous Sniper Courses and the Scout Sniper Courses conducted from 1998 onwards. The training conducted or sanctioned by the Philippine Marine Corps Training Center – awarded with a Certificate of Completion and covered with special orders. The Badge may also be awarded to personnel who had contributed to the development of the scout snipers in the Philippine Marine Corps during its formative years.


The gold plated metallic badge has the figure of a Philippine eagle carrying a reticle with cross hair with an embossed ships anchor.

The eagle as the majestic bird symbolizes the sniper’s sharp eyes its natural trait to keenly observe and stalk his prey undetected. The reticle and cross hair denotes the optical device that snipers utilize to observe, detect and engage his target at long distances. While the anchor signifies the major service it belongs.


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