Saw this NSW operator with the MP7 photo about a month ago, before seeing the SEALs with the MP7, I did not have much impression about the rifle, just heard that it was very compact but yet very lethal compare to the MP5 and UMP series cause of the ammo this rifle carries  is 4.6x30mm compare to the 9mm and .45.

SEALs has high mobility speed and they have to go deep into enemy territories with the shadow. This rifle would be perfect to fit in what  SEALs need in their operation. Therefore LBT has design the vest just for the operator who carriers this weapon in the battle field. Basically you can only see the vest name in the official home page but you can see the image of the vest, so here I bring this photo to all you readers to see this vest the ” LBT-2586B MP7″



The first photo with the general feature of the vest is how it looks like when you put all the pouches on the vest and 2nd photo I separate 5 pouches so it will be easier for you readers to see what pouches are includes in this vest, as I marked the number of the 5 major components in the photo, please check the details below to see the 5 different pouches.

  1. Molle low profile chest vest
  2. Admin/Utility Pouch
  3. Smoke Grenade/Flash Bang/Utility Pouch
  4. Smoke Grenade/Flash Bang/Utility Pouch
  5. Molle Radio/Pistol holder pouch

LBT-2586B MP7 comes in 2 colors, Coyote Tan and Multicam, 2 photos above is the color ” Coyote TAN” people use to confused with the coyote brown. Recently SEALs has their own color compare to the other SOF units, this pattern is the AOR1/Digital Desert. There are some of you might doubt is this really used by the NSW operator, or people usually ask me ” Do you have a photo of they are using this vest?” Well the answer is  NO, and you dont need every single photo to see the truth, just need to pay attention to detail and you will find the truth. Now lets take a look into the details of this NSW low profile chest vest.

“NSW LBT-2586B MP7”

The AOR1 version has one main difference compare to the coyote tan version, that will be cordura denim, usually this vest is build with 1000D cordura but this special version is build by the 330D, people’s first impression will have 3 common questions ” Is 330D tough enough to go through all the operations?” and ” Why are they using 330D instead of 1000D, isn’t 1000D is more durable compare to the 330D?” I will answer the 3 questions in my opinion after checking this vest.

Q: Is 330D tough enough to go through all the operations?

A: Yes it is enough for you to crow around and dig yourself into the mud and sand.

Q:Why are they using 330D instead of 1000D?

A: Because it is much light and softer compare to the 1000D, it gives the operator better comfort when they have heavy load of gear and ammo

Q:Isn’t 1000D is more durable compare to the 330D?

A:Yes it is a lot more durable then the 330D but it is so though that it will take years before it starts to rip and it is too heavy compare to the 330D. And 330D also dries up quicker compare to the 1000D.
With the 3 Q&A, hope this will help people’s questions in their mind, now lets take a look of the details of the vest from left to right, actually this is molle low pro chest rig meaning you can compose the position of the pouches where every you want but this is just a sample set up.


On the left side of the vest, I attached the 2 utillity pouches, this pouch can fit smoke grenade x1 and Mk141 x1 and it also can fit one M4 30 round magazine. it seems small but it actually can expand to fit variations of gear and ammo.


The admin/utility pouch was placed in the middle of this vest, you can put the unit patch or any other reflective patches at the front side of the panel which has the Velcro on it.

Inside each pouch has the LBT tag with the description, this pouch can fit about 3 MK141 or 6 pieces of 9mm pistol magazines or other accessories like knifes,surefire or other tools.


The radio with molle strap was placed at the right side of the vest, this radio pouch looks quite small compare to the others but it actually can fit PRC148 without any difficulty and some operators can also place his pistol in this pouch.


The Last detail lets take a look into will be the shoulder strap, it is simple but yet very comfortable specially LBT has choose the soft nylon webbing compare to the 1000d version, on the shoulder strap it also has 4 elastic band to hold the water host line, radio anttena or other stuff like radio PTT or carabiner.


The LBT-2586B-MP7 will be a good choice for the operator or any other MP7 users, this vest is light, easy to wear and can holds all the stuff you be needing, you can also wear it over a plate carrier and it wont even be bothering you and makes you feel bulky cause of it’s design, it is thing but yet it can be wear easily and with the 4 quick release buckle you can quickly release the vest during the battle when facing situations that you might need to drop your vest and keep your plate carrier.

Thank you all for reading and support my blog.

Cheers to all.



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  1. Danny

    Nice review Tommy!

    July 12, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    • SilentPro

      Thank you Danny~

      July 12, 2010 at 6:34 PM

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