Greetings Readers, sorry for the late updates on the GEN 2 S.A.L combat shirt, After showing the gen 1 to the frogs in P.I and discussing with them, here comes the 2nd version.

Generation II



There are few difference between the first version then the current 2010 version, lets take a look of the front of the combat shirt, the first main difference is that instead of OD green color dry fit, we have change it to tiger stripe quick dry material, it gives the operators better camouflage and also the material is soft compare to the first generation, and it also added the velcro for unit patches. The entire cutting for the combat suit is different as well, maybe from the front view it is a bit hard tell so now lets move to the back view so we can see the difference.



From the back side of the SALCS you can see that compare to the gen 1 the quick dry material attached to the bda is different, in gen 1 we remove the entire BDA material in the middle  and replace the quick dry material but because the operator says when they crawl around the heavy jungle bushes, the shirt is easily tangled and torn off by those sharp branches, and during the heavy load of gear the first gen sleeves are easily dislocate. Now we have change the way of putting the quick dry material on the shirt  and in this way, it wont have the problem that the gen 1 will have and brings the same efficiency of the combat shirt, in other words, this is tougher and better performance by the new design.


It may be hard to see the material from the first 2 photos so here it is the close up photos. There are must be people who wonder why the quick dry material and the bda shirt color is different, sorry to say but this is the prototype and still waiting for the approval from the MASTER FROG.



This part of the combat shirt is still being considered by the operators because they are extremely low profile, if  you pay attention to  details, notice the shoulder part is different from the first generation S.A.L.C.S



Remains almost the same as the generation 1, the pockets was slanted and added velcro but the gen 2 has added a little detail part, the light stick compartment. it allows the operator to put light stick or pen in the small compartment.



The new generation S.A.L.C.S added the navsog tiger stripe cordura material at the elbow position, this allows the operators to have better durability in combat and gives more protections while crawling in the battle zone.


Instead of the buttons like the old gen now we have replace to velcro because it is easy to  adjustment the tightness on the wrist area and also more durable compare to the buttons.

There are still some parts need to finalize but if there is any other frogs out there need to mod your bdu or you need this bdu, please contact me.

Cheers to all NAVSOG and NSW operators in the world.



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