707 in Lebano 2010

The 707th Special Mission Battalionis the elite Special Forces unit in the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command. The battalion’s nickname is ‘White Tiger”

The unit had been formed after the Munich Massacre, which forced the South Korean government to create a counter-terrorist unit in time for the 1988 Olympics that would be held in South Korean soil. The 707th SMB has also been called on by the South Korean government to prioritize potential counter-terrorist operations against any possible Al-Qaeda operation in South Korean soil.

The 707th Special Mission Battalion also trains with foreign partners, such as U.S. Army‘s Delta ForceBritish Special Air ServiceRussian FSBAlpha Group, French GIGNFBI HRTHong Kong SDU, and Singapore Police Force STAR. The purpose is to experience and increase relationships and exchanges with international Special Forces communities.

The first time I was introduced about this unit was from “Blackdiver” he told about this unit and their tough training course in South Korea, so I searched on youtube and find their crazy PT and professional CT training and have lots of respect for this unit. When ever I have vacation and visit S.K “B.D” will always ask me: “did you meet any 707 or did you met any Korea NSW people?” and my answer will always disappoint him, until last year, I have a exhibition for LBT gear in S.K, I was able to meet a REAL DEAL 707 in the exhibition and was really glad to meet a humble and well skilled operator in S.K, I knew how the Asian SF operators are having hard time with their poor OFFICIAL ISSUE tactical gear without 2nd thoughts I pull out a MAP pouch and a CQB Sling of LBT and give him as a gift for his missions. And he gave me his patch for token of our friendship.

Few days ago, I just saw their photo in the net and was wondering if I can see my friend there and luckily I was able to find his photo and I was very glad to see he was using my products during his missions in Lebano and I know there are people may think that I was B.S and making up a story  so here I attached the photo when I first meet him in the exhibition. I cover half of his face so you can match with the photos in Lebano.

Mission photos from


I am really glad help those operators and will continue support them always.



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