Singapore Naval Diving Unit

The Naval Diving Unit (NDU) is a Combat diver unit of the Republic of Singapore Navy, and is regularly tasked in salvage operations, underwater mine demolition and naval special warfare.

Basic training includes:

  • drown-proofing training
  • pool competency
  • fast roping
  • improvised explosive device disruption
  • underwater mine disposal
  • explosive ordnance disposal
  • special land operations

NDU divers are also regularly sent overseas for training, in particular, with the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets), US Navy SEALs and the Australia Special Air Service.

First time I heard about this unit is from  friend of mine, he told me that his buddy in his class was from Singapore and they are called NDU, after talking to him more I got to know that actually Singapore NDU trains here very often and has a good relationship with the Taiwan UDT. His best friend and buddy was from the NDU, he told me that at first time hid NDU buddy saw Taiwan’s “ROAD TO HEAVEN” , he said  ” Law Ji Bai lei( Damm SH*T)…I am not going to this course” but the funny thing is that after he got back from Taiwan for a few month and he was told he is going to have the UDU course in Taiwan.

I was able to dig out this very rare NDU shirt from the my meeting trip and I find that the logo of frog has the though frog impression and when I got to know more about NDU, a lot of the NDU goes to courses  all over the world and they have trained with many different combat diver units around the world and yet they are still silent and humble, most of the NDU operator has at least gone to US SEAL training, ranger, green beret, AUS SAS (The “BAD” course as the NDU mentioned). I can imagine how much experiences in training and in combat the Sinapore NDU can have, It is a elite unit of the world.

Looking forward to find more info and stories about the NDU and share with my blog readers. Cheers to all.


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    October 12, 2010 at 3:24 PM

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