Taiwan UDT/SEAL-Be Yourself!!!

“The only easy day was my holiday” was told from a good  frog friend of mine in R.O.C, he told me he finally got his day off. From the last time I saw him was last year, he asked me and another friend for a day meeting, although it is 400KM from my place but I was really glad to meet him and happy to talk to a old friend.

After I put down my baggage and he told me to wait for him, he will be getting me a gift,  when he handle this gift to me I was more then happy, he told me the shirt is meaning full in their society and told me he hope I will always remember the phrase at the back of the t shirt ” Be yourself” and keep this phrase in my mind as I do my daily .

I love this shirt cause it reminds to always just be ourself and face our  difficulties and solve them all and also do what we are capable and pushing the limit to the next level. Lets take a look of the logo, it is a pumped up frog  holding the trident and gun, in the chest says “UDT” this the newer version, the first shirts says UDU on the frog chest. Under the frog is the Taiwanese UDT/SEAL badge logo. every time you look into this shirt you will find some details and there are storied behind those small details.

I was also able to fine another variation of old school UDU combat diver shirt, the logo in the front has a UDU diver with M16-A1 and their dragger. This is the long sleeve version for the windy season here in Taiwan and instructors usually use this shirt during the UDU selection course.

24 hours is too short for good friends when they meet but this day meeting is very meaning full and priceless to me and  I wish through this meeting I can help  the local frogs to have more sufficient operation gear to do and finish their task more silently and efficiently.  My friend  drop me off  at the station and give me his old version UDU badge, it was thicker and quality is better then the current one. This badge is price less to me and was given by the people who earned them through their training.

Baggage and pack for this meeting.

To :”Black Diver”

Thanks for the hospitality and meeting.

Take care as always.

See you in your next holiday~Hooyah!!!


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