From the video of  D.E.A F.A.S.T team together with the U.S Navy Sailors in Afghanistan doing their drug busting to cut down the Terrorists financial founds, I found some thing familiar in the video which is  the ” Dump Pouch” on most of the operators belt. First look I was pretty sure it was made by the tactical brand C.S.M but I had a little doubt cause of its color it is dark tan, it is quite dark compare to the dump pouch before. There are 3 photos I crop down from the video during the extraction of the NSW operator with the C.S.M Dump pouch.

Until I saw these photos and video I did not know the difference between the military issue and the civilian model of the dump pouch and for a good chance of luck I was able to find the “military version CSM dump pouch”, now lets take a look and see.





The dump pouch at the left is the early version and comes with the black tag beside the tag color different you can see I put the arrow to point out the difference between the early version and the current version that the S.O.F are using.

A) The nylon cord with the washer and lock button was original place at the front side of the dump pouch but the latest version they have change it to the back for fast tighten up the pouch to ensure that what ever is important in that pouch wont be lost or drop during the operation also it was replace at the back side for safety reason, it is harder to break when it is more near the body.

B) The latest mil version also comes with the velcro and the foldable function so that when the pouch is empty or not used the operator cant fold it up and when they need to use it just simple pull the velcro strap down and the dump pouch will also be ready in action.

Finally lets take a look at the tag of this dump pouch it has the “NSN” number compare to the commercial version.



3 responses

  1. Really nice dump pouch! I’m using it in coyote brown and I must admit that CSM Gear really did it best.

    January 29, 2010 at 6:03 PM

  2. spartanat

    Has it to be a CSM Dump Pouch? LBT looks the same – especially the size?

    February 3, 2010 at 5:56 AM

  3. SilentPro

    The different between LBT and CSM if you pay attention to detail you can see there is 2 button at the sides on the LBT one and CSM dont

    Thank you

    February 3, 2010 at 6:20 AM

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