These patches was used during mission of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s special-ops Foreign Advisory and Support Team in Afghanistan. This was a capture/kill mission that took place on 9/11 to take out a taliban kingpin who was a large drug facilitator in Kandahar province. The raid turned up heroin, opium, precursor chemicals and bomb-making materials. The explosion toward the end of the piece is those items going up in smoke.

It has been quite a while that the SEALs and DEA has work together for drug bust after those snakes in Panama. For stopping the terrorist the most important and vital is to attack them from their money supply, many people may not know that how those terrorist get their funds is from selling pirated CD and drugs also the guns in the black market. To be able to stop them and their activities, the operators has to go down where it begins.

The patch from the left was used by the D.E.A agent and the one from the right was used by the N.S.W Operators,



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