From the previous review on the Invisio M3 model, This is the another version of the invisio, The M4 series is the advance model of the M3.

This headset is custom made for each person’s ear shape to fit exactly on the person’s ear only, the reason for doing that is to decreased the stress when you wear this headset on your ear for very long time during the operation. This headset has been order by the US NAVY SEALs for more then 2000 set at the year of 2009.

Front View of M4s, which has the laser marking of ” R” right ear and the brand ” INVISIO”

Now when I first saw the headset I was wonder how the headset was made and can be done? After the meeting with INVISIO, I get to know how the headset is made to fit each other person’s different ear shapes, when you purchased the M4 series, first thing you need to do is made your ear molding and send the molding to the local dealer and it will be 3d scan and cut out the shape with very accurate precision laser and it will be exactly fit to your ear.

The Inner view of the Invisio M4s, as you can see there is a small whole on the ear piece and that is for receiving the sound. and the small black part is sensor for the bone vibration it can capture the vibration and convert it to sound, it is really amazing that you can put that black part anywhere your body and it can transmit the vibration into sound. I really got surprise how accurate the sound is and you can even whisper very lightly and it still clear as crystal.


  • Custom made by polymer ear molds that can fit extreme environments
  • Vibration sensing bone conduction for clear speach total elimination of Ambient noises
  • High performance balanced speaker with low distortion
  • Ultra light weight and small form factor
  • Kevlar reinforce cable with Teflon insulation and a pull strength of over 20KG
  • Submersible under 20 meters
  • Unique whisper function
  • Compatible with helmets, gas masks


Many people have seen this headset on the photos and personally when I first saw it on the photo, I just had this doubt in my mind that is this ” Tinny Thing” really good? and as normal people has this mind set that ” HUGE is GOOD” but in the  world of electronic devices  that will be the opposite  the smaller you are the price is higher and besides this headset is ” STRONG, SMALL, COMFORTABLE that is the ultimate reason the true operators chooses to fit there mission

” It pays to be a WINNER”

Please email me for any further questions.


3 responses

  1. where can I buy this invisio m4 from usa?

    December 31, 2012 at 4:47 AM

    • SilentPro

      We can ship to the USA sir

      January 28, 2013 at 7:03 PM

  2. i did a test on this item several years ago. AWESOME!!!! you can hear people talking while standing next to 2 chainsaws operating at full throttle. it eliminates radio/mic feedback. All verbal comms from the user are clear, crisp and no longer muffled by the scba mask. it is usable for EVERY call and not just when you have your mask plugged in and on your face. it is powered by your HT battery. nothing extra to service. you don’t miss radio comms anymore unless you have it at minimum volume or oops OFF!.
    the only glitch i could find is if the user has gooey ear wax. requires a little self hygiene and occasional tiny needle to clear out ear wax.
    i just wish i could have gotten our staff to buy off on this…

    January 27, 2014 at 3:47 PM

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