LBT-6094A Multicam

As the new generation of camouflage “MULTICAM”, there are many rumors for many years that the US military will be changing to the color of Multicam camouflage. Only until 2 years ago you can start seeing many SOF personal such as PJ, DEA, Navy SEALs are using the multicam camo for testing, my personal opinion is the M.C is really good for operators in A-Stan cause it is not only desert but it also have vegetation environment.

At the year 2007 when the first photo of NSW are using the LBT-6094A came out, this carrier became a “BOOM” but frankly I have to say the 1rst gen has few improvement needed but yet it also became the icon of NSW plate carrier.  But as a SOF operator, they are like ninjas they adapted the environment and modified their gear to fit their mission and to maximum efficiency of their mission and the same time to obtain good camouflage for concealment

Sample photo of SEAL operator using the plate carrier during an exercise.

Now, lets take a look more angles and details of the plate carrier.


There are few improvements of the carrier compare to the first generation, first is the shoulder strap cover, it changed the material from nylon to multicam 500D codura. 2nd innovation is the molle straps at the front side, it added the Velcro for the operator to put on the unit patches and the same time still can attached some pouches. And also the the molle stitching are more precised not like the first gen.


The Plate carrier also can fit both M/L size of SAPI plate, even the first gen also says it can fit the both M/L but the cutting is kinda small it can only fit the small size or medium size of the plate. From the photo you can see that compare the medium plate it still have more space to fit the large ones.

The plate carrier can also carry side sapi plate and side soft armor.

Looking forward to bring you more reviews next time~CHEERS!!! HOOYAH!!!


One response

  1. Aaron

    D.K used Model !! perfect camo M/c
    nswdg ver. chestrig is coming soon and I am counting the hours

    December 11, 2009 at 12:06 AM

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