After the review about the inviso M3,  some people  has request for review on the M3-S..It is hard to tell the different between M3 and M3s from the official headset information or the date sheet. From the name M3 “S” meaning this headset is Submersible down to 20 meters, the headset is completely filled with waterproofing material which cab be used deep enough for all the military diver or SEALs units around the world,

The M3-s, it is available into 2 colors for different environment operations, it is also Kevlar reinforced with Teflon insulation and a pull strength of over 20kg.

The easiest way to tell the between the M3 and M3s is the connector. Usually the M3 comes with lots of variation of connectors.. like 3.5mm, nexus and ect, but the M3s only comes with the specially made water proof connectors and also the T.E.A 10 pin waterproof connectors which is regulated by the ITAR.

This is how the water proof connector look like.

Lets look more into the headsets

The M3-S Black

The black version is currently using by the GSG9 and SASR,  Denish SEALs (FKP)

The M3-S Khaki

The Khaki version was used by the US SEALs and Marine Force Recon and many other special forces who operates in the desert.

INVSIO has also develop a waterproof PTT  suits for the M3-S which is also tested by many European special forces, The PTT looks quite simple and easy to use, the difference between this PTT and other mil PTT is that the push to talk button is at the upper side and you have to connect your invisio m3-s and your radio connector at the down side. First thing I ask was why would it be at the down side of the PTT not like the universal PTT which is the opposite way, the company explain to me that because many operators has experience the headset wire was tangle during fast rope insertion or tangle to other stuff on their tactical vest and also when you get contact fire and laying down on the ground it is more comfortable.

Photo of the M3-PTT

More Invsio headsets review coming soon!!!


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