First time I saw this headset was back 2007 when the photos of those hero we lost during operation Redwing, I could not reconize what headset they were using and used the most famous tool or what people said ” GOOGLE IT” yet I got nothing but the onions…ask around few retired operators…they also could not guess what is it…but they said they will love to have that during their time of operation. And it took me a long way for me to get to know more info about this headset and to get hands it.

Photo of Marcus Luttrell in A-Stan with the Invisio

I receive this headset back at early 2009.. my apology for only upload this now cause it took me a while to dig the photos out, anyway when I first receive 2 sets of the ear piece I was not really satisfied by the look at it…cause it looks so simple and just like an iphone headphone….other thing in my mind…it is strong enough? looks weak..that time I have no idea that this ear piece is a SILENT PROFESSIONAL with killer clear sound both sending and receiving radio communications.

Now lets take a look of the case of this headset.

mmmmm…. really lookd  like a cell phone headphone case…

From the name of the ear piece “Invisio ” you can relate to the word “Invisible” which is true cause when you put it in your ear and the color is actually just similar to the tone of the human skin, another reason this is called invisio is that it does not need a boom mic to receive the sound/words you are sending out from your radio, you can hardly spot this ear piece with a distance and also when the enemy is sportting by their  scopes or binocs it is hard to tell  if  he is  a  operator or not, and it is also absutely comfortable under the heat in the desert and any hot weather, this ear piece is specially good on covert missions / VIP protection missions.

The principle of this ear piece to send out the sound is from the vibration sensing bone conduction mic for clear speeacj and total elimination of noise, the sound quality is really amazing that once you have this headset you wont want to take it off from you and used other headsets. And also one more thing is that this skinny looking kind of headset compare to the other military headset…the wire has kevlar reinforced and can handle “20KG PULL STRENGTH”..the reason why I said this headset is a silentpro is that…it looks simple and make you think this is just a simple and underestimate the features of the headset but this headset is actually the most Top in SOF community around the WORLD.

This headset comes with many configurations and many other models such as fireproof and waterproof, The first set of the invisio I got is just the M3 model and it comes with the U94 jack.

Sample photo of how the headsest look like with the PTT.

INVISIO BROTHERS with different configurations for radio.


I will be sharing more about different versions of Invisio headsets soon.


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