LBT-1961A 2008-2009

Many gear mania has been debating about what version of the LBT-1961A the SEALs are currently using. And people are going for those crazy high price for the previous version of the chest rig, simply because the old version of the vest was more expose on the photos..but many people dont know that photos always delay for few years or month it can never be real time with the operators during their operations, it is for security purpose.

As LBT dealer when I first received the vest was back in the end of 2008, I have notice the difference between the 2007 version is that the bidding nylong tape was removed on the pouches of the chest rig, I was cusrious and just asked my questions and I got the feeback answer was that sometimes the bidding tape reflects under the sun and cost of exposed the operators position in the hot desert, and also the material they are using became more firm then before.

Many collectors ask me ” Is it possible to order the previous version of 1961A” and my answer is always the same as LBT USA..” NO” the new version was re design after the operators really tested on the filed and I also tell them that if the operators are not using this vest, LBT wont have it for sale in their company, the products are using by the real operators in real time..but at that time…no body would listen and believed.

Recently the photos of SEALs and DEA agent was out on the net and there it was the new version of the 1961A…maybe some people will debate as it is the Eagle Industries muti purpose chest rig, but pay attention to detail to the shoulder strap..only the LBT-1961A has the folding stich line in the middle which E.I tried to change the design little bit for not violating copy right for the patten from LBT.

will have more comparison on the LBT vs Ealge 1961A chest rig soon!


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