Current Taiwanese Navy SEAL BDU

Got this set from a close friend of mine..He is the real tough silentpro…although it may seems just a BDU for every other guys who joined the military service in Taiwan.


What layes beyond this simple BDU is the training, the crazy PT with Gas Mask and 30-40Kg pack, the beach clearing, underwater demolition..all the stuff the SEALs do and also as an Instructor for the Taiwanese UDT/SEAL unit but yet he is humble and silent warrior.

Thank you for the support always. It has been 1 year since my first O.T.B


This is the Authentic BDU of the Taiwanese UDT/SEAL with Bonnie Hat

Upper Patch: UDT/SEAL Unit Badge of Taiwan

Lower Patch: Indicates Qualified ” Under Water Demolition” military personel

Freddy the frog with demolition patch on the left


UDT unit during Taiwanese Arm Forces Parade.08


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