Prepair to move out at Alpha 5

0520HRS Recon Direction Final check

Move out

Greyfox-1 setting up recon site

Recon Tabliban possible route to cross from P-STAN and provide intel/enemy position back to fire base foxtract for airstrike


After hours pass by and yet still looking for possible enemy movement and gathering intel.

Intel from the ODA guys on the ground says..”NOTHING BUT THE ONIONS AND CAMEL SH*T”

Turns out it is just another peacefull and quite day near the boarder between P-stan and A-stan (really???)

Firebase foxtract has called and get ready to move to extract for re-supply and mission and geographical briefing.

All I can say is that any day in A-STAN is ” ALL DAY TOUGH”

Greyfox-1 prepair to move out..

Greyfox-2 posing after the mission for more then 12 hours

Thank you for viewing~~


One response

  1. what backpack is that in the last picture?

    February 4, 2014 at 11:22 PM

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