The first time I heard about this Taiwan NAVY SEAL jump suit was from a retired ROC Navy friend of mine ” IceBone”, he told me during his service years he sees this jump suit very often and the tiger parten is very similar to the vietnam tiger stripe, at the time I did not know much about my country’s SEAL operators but I was thinking that suit must be rare and the legend of many silent warriors here in Taiwan.

After I met “Black Swimmer” and arrange a house visit with him during his vacation, he showed me this suit and I was really amazed and can see how many stories are behind that suit, when I saw the suit he told me some one was bidding this suit on yahoo acution for more the 400USD and he has exactly same one just sitting at his living room.

Then I ask him: Would you sale this jump suit to me?

Black Swimmer says: Never!!!~and it is going to passed to my son only because it has too many memory and stories behind this but you could take few photo of this suit and share to the others.

So here I am writting this post about this legendary tiger stripe jump suit.


Official issued label with the “combined logistic command logo”

This is patch is place on the left arm of the UDU operator, notice the “UDU” is even hand written that time, some says only the hight rank officer or batch mates can write the UDU for you, it presents the respect of earing this patch of the individual sailor.

Here is another patch that is place on the right chest, I still dont understand the red V letter means, my guess would be “VICTORY”


One response

  1. SilentPro

    Hi Sir,

    I got those patches and pin from my Silent friends, I dont have those for sale.

    Thank you

    January 8, 2010 at 5:38 AM

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