I just have the passion with SOG TRIDENT series of knifes especially the tiger stripe one, the first time I bought the trident knife of SOG was few years ago and it was color tiger stripe, got it on ebay cause the local price was too much jacked up! After few tours in the Philippines, finally I decide to give my favorite knife to a FROGMAN who needed more then I do, I know him needed better then I am and can use more then I am.

After time passes by  I was still looking for the same knife I gave away but the local  dealer did not import the tiger stripe one but plain black and desert tan ones, after few window shopping I decide to buy from this very old knife and outdoor equipment shop, then I decide to get the desert tan one and ask the owner the price, his price was higer then the other shop but when I saw the Serial number 0001.

I decide to purchase this first made knife and the owner did not notice until when he got out the knife from his glass shelf and he told me I was lucky to get this one and he offer me even a better discount, although there is no proof this knife is the 0001 but I still believe in it as my lucky knife~


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