Royal Thai SEAL Warrior!

On my way going out the palace I saw this guy pup out from the very small alley and when I saw his working Khaki unifrom and all his badges I knew he was someone special so I went up to him and ask for a photo after talking to him I am  surprised and glad to meet the first Royal Thai NAVY SEAL in Thailand, According to the SEAL he was the security officer in charge for the previous 2 Taiwan president when they visited the Royal Palace.

At first I was not sure if he was a SEAL because I am not so famliar with the Thai SEAL insignia but right after I get back to the hotel I went online and checked the Thai SEAL insignia and “BINGO” I was right he was a SEAL, I really smell he was warrior frog when I saw him the first time and look at all his badges and I knew he was a true warrior and a true silent proffessional.


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  1. KC Jerry


    October 20, 2008 at 6:13 PM

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