Joint Exercise T-Shirt

  • From the date written on top of the shirt, this shirt is about 10 years old, this shirt may look simple but it symbolize that the US SEALs has been conducting exercise with the RP SEALs since 10 years ago.
  1. The logo at the left side of the t-shirt is the classic SEAL TEAM 1 logo which the SEAL holds a knife and has wings symbolize SEA.AIR.LAND
  2. The logo at the right side of the shirt is the shark holding the trident which symbolize the RP SEALs
  • The 2 characters in the shirt seems like talking to each other with the relax way symbolize the RP and US SEALs are exchanging skills and Infos during the joint exercise and create friendship and brotherhoo

For me, this is a great shirt with lot of memories and meanings with simple logo and few words and thanks to “D2B” I was able to see this shirt and understand further relationships with RP-US SEALs.


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