ROC-UDU- 中華民國海軍水中爆破大隊沿革

民國43年三月一日由美軍部隊訓練小組(T.T.T)協助我海軍成立水中爆破隊(Underwater Demolition Team,U.D.T)。
民國55年第一及第二水中爆破隊合併擴編為水中爆破大隊(Underwater Demolition Unit,U.D.U)。
民國74年五月二十八日水中爆破二中隊與水中械彈處理組併編為水中械彈處理中隊(Explosive Ordnance Disposal,E.O.D)。
民國94年一月一日裁撤海軍水中爆破大隊,改編為現今之海軍陸戰隊兩棲偵搜大隊(Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit)水中爆破中隊。

1954.03.01 From the US T.T.T( Troops Training Team) assist the R.O.C NAVY to established the first Underwater Demolition Team.
1962.02.13 ROC NAVY UDT became UDT-1
1962.03.16 ROC NAVY UDT-2 was established.
1966 the ROC NAVY combined UDT-1 and UDT-2 and became (Underwater Demolition Unit)U.D.U.
1969.02.01 The SDV Team called “Hai-Cang” Unit of the Department of Defense Special Military Intelligence Division was merge into U.D.U and became ” Hai-Chang “Team..
1973.04.01 “Hai-Chang” Team was dispatched.
1974.09.01 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team was established.
1985.05.28 UDT-2 merge with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team and became (Explosive Ordnance Disposal,E.O.D).
1989.01.01 UDT-1 now called U.D.T.
2005.01.01 U.D.T was withdraw from the R.O.C Navy and was attached to the Marines  Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit Underwater Demolition Team(A.R.P/U.D.T)

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