After waiting about 6 month..finally got them in today! the NAVY SEAL version of  VIP IR strobe lights.

Navy Special Warfare Group This 5 LED dual spectrum VIPIR has 3 Green and 2 IR LED’s. The first function is an IR slow flash with an extended on time.

The second function is a steady-on Green and the third is a Green slow flash with an extended on time. The VIP Signal Light is the pinnacle of portable emergency lighting.

Tested in deserts, the Arctic, in the stratosphere and hundreds of feet below the sea, the VIP has proven to hold up to the demands of extreme environmental conditions over unpredictable terrain.

The VIP is the original and best performance light in the world that is a flashlight, emergency flasher and SOS survival beacon all in one terrific palm sized package.

Many of the world’s most elite military, police and search and rescue teams currently use the VIP and attest that it sets new standards of quality and reliability. The VIP has been battle proven since 1994 and is continuously updated with additional features and technology.


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