Greetings to All.

I would like to share the experience and the stories of the NSW special modified BDU, When I still in the military service during the year of 2007, July, during my vacation I saw the SEALs photos in Fallujah.

When I first saw this special BDU, I am still guessing which tatical company manufacture this type of BDU, and luckily I was able to hook up with my friend who just got out A-Stan because his injuries in his back during the halo drop..

Then I ask him right away about this type of BDU…most of the people think that the weather in Iraq and Afghanistan is similar to each other, There is big difference between day and night in the desert but in Iraq which is quite different, it is usually hot the whole day not only the day time and most of the mission of the SOF is night patrol or capture some insurgent from block to block, road to road and wearing the G.I BDU for the long time mission is just getting hotter and hotter because of the heavy equipments they carry on their body, their BDU is always wet and smelly…

Then my friend answer me: Dude..haha..they just modified the BDU within the base themselves, because the C.P combat uniform’s Idea is great for this type of weather…the problem is it is too expensive..so why not making of our own.

After I heard his answer, I was so excited and went to an old military shop and show these photos to my friend and the shop owner, but that time no body has agreed with me and the idea of combined the BDU and UA shirts together because specially on the shoulder part it is easily falling down due the the weight of the BDU is heavier then the UA shirt.

But my inner being never gives up and I believe what my friend has told me and I tell the shop owner to give me one 2nd hand 3 color desert BDU and one UA heat gear shirt and decide to make this experimental BDU with an old tailor that I know.

After Modify the BDU it is not easily fall off or destroy as they mentioned in the shop, but the tailor must do this job well or it will just ruined both the BUD and UA shirt…This experimental type is with the heat gear UA shirt which is tight fit to the body…but after I try it for few times it is just getting hotter and hotter…so I have ask my other friend who deals UA shirts for the sports players…he saw the tag and material he told me it was ” FAKE”…..DAMMM…no wonder this does really get you HEAT UP!!! I personally hate the shops selling fake gears and tell the others is real.

I am still curious about which type of Under Armour shirt the SEALs are using to modify..the tight fit or the loose gear…but after I saw the Photo shows the UA logo and the crumble shirts when seals are folding his sleeve in the photo, I decide to order another UA loose gear t shirt, sand color from the US website.

30 days later..the Gen.2 has born.




In the photos, SEAL version of the modify BDU did not add the 3 color desert bdu fabric on the shoulder part because..

1. Hard to Modify

2.Takes longer time.

3. SEALs style is free style and as long as the functions are there. they are good.

So I decide to copy what the SEALs do and did not add the shoulder part and try it our if it is good or not. After the Mil show with the heavy gear and plate carrier…it shows obviously on the shoulder part has some scratch marks but it means no harm to the BDU and the function of the shirt itself.

When I wear this special type of BDU, it is really comfortable even you have lots of gear on and light weight and fast of sweatability, generally the Modified shirt is good but the details still has rooms for improvements.

This is just my experience and used review and hoping to bring you guys more info and experience next time.

Thank you


當時看到了改板的BDU…但是ㄧ直在猜測到底是那ㄧ家廠商做出的BDU…找了又找還是ㄧ點消息都沒有,後來離奇的和我的朋有在Yahoo Messenger連絡上了~才知道他因為直升機下來的時後傷了脊隨就退出了海軍.

於是我馬上問他照片上BDU的是由來…很多人認為IRAQ的天氣和阿富汗相似,早晚溫差很大~但是 IRAQ 法魯加是平地城市屬於躁熱的天氣,加上他們的任務是Block to Block 街頭接街尾長時間的巡邏和攻堅,穿著BDU都是溼透的,長時間下來很不舒服.

他回答我說:Dude(兄弟)ha ha…..自改的啦~看了C.P的Combat Uniform覺的IDEA很棒 but too expensive..So..我們也來搞ㄧ下~

於是我就興奮的到了昆明街的ㄧ家老軍品店和那裡的好友兼店員說了這件BDU2的事情,但是當時大家都覺不可能,因為BDU肩膀和排汗衣連接的地方不容易接縫的並容易脫落~但是我還是不死心並相信我從軍中回來的朋友~於是馬上和老闆買了ㄧ件2手的三沙和Under Armour覺定自己去找認識的師傅試試~並做出這件實驗版的BDU~
手臂和BDU接縫處都沒很牢也沒當初其它人說的不容易,不過裁縫師的技術還是很重要,ㄧ個不小心 BDU 和排汗衣都會毀掉.實驗版的這件是以緊身版的排汗衣做的~Damm it..後來穿起來覺的越來越不排汗,請教了ㄧ下專門賣UA的老闆才得知那件UA是對岸貨!!!:shock:

一直還在懷疑是用緊身版或是寬鬆版的我直到了看到下ㄧ張圖隱約能看到UA 的logo和SEAL穿起來皺皺的樣子,害我又重在美國訂了UA軍規寬鬆版沙色的UA在來做第二件.

30 days Later….


穿起來真的很舒服,輕, 排汗速度快~小細節上還有加強的空間~



8 responses

  1. 瘋狗

    哈囉,好久不見!其實這件你說的BDU2在美軍特戰部隊裡已經行之有年,就像RAID BDU早在第一次波斯灣戰爭就有海豹在改了,這個BDU2當然跟RAID BDU一樣沒有特定模式純粹看個人書是跟喜好,我在沖繩就看過綠扁帽拿長袖綠色UA直接套上從林迷彩BDU,熱的時候捲起袖子還有一層排汗衣保護皮膚與排汗,也有的不喜歡有袖子直接拿短袖剪掉原來袖子用接合的,但是據說用接的很麻煩以外包架接的居多喔!還有領子會換接迷彩的也很少看到,幾乎都是直接沿用UA的領子,也有看過用POLO排汗衣改的呢!!

    April 7, 2008 at 1:24 PM

  2. 瘋狗


    April 7, 2008 at 1:27 PM

  3. SilentPro


    April 9, 2008 at 6:21 AM

  4. Ryan

    How much would one of these cost if I buy from you? And how much did it cost you to make?

    June 12, 2009 at 12:08 AM

    • SilentPro

      do you have paypal? I need to know your size for the UA shirt. Thank you

      June 28, 2009 at 7:14 PM

  5. Rob Cantrell

    I would like to purchase on of these from you as soon as possible for deployment. Please let me know how much and how to buy.

    November 6, 2009 at 3:42 PM

  6. SilentPro

    please check contact me and email me for ordering.
    Thank you

    November 6, 2009 at 8:53 PM

    • SilentPro

      If you are NAVSOG, yes I can make more for you.

      Thank you

      October 12, 2010 at 3:28 PM

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