This NAVSOG12inch model concept was to create an image of the real operators now still in war in south country BASILAN Philippines. And this model was build by me and a very close friend of mine( HOOTER) who is also admire of the NAVSOG operators. It took us 2 month to complete getting all the small details including the vest, bda, the m60 and to put everything on to the detail it took us another month or so…this is a long term project and we try to make it as real as we can on this model and hope to creat the impression of how the SEALs look like and what equipment carry to the battle.

Cheers to all..HOOYAH!

創作這個菲律賓海豹(NAVSOG) 12吋人偶的概念是於至今還在菲律賓南部BASILAN作戰的海豹小隊, 這個人偶是我和我ㄧ位也很欣賞菲律賓海豹好的朋友(HOOTER)做起來的..這個人偶花了我大約2個月的時間研究和收集他們的資料包括 戰術背心 M60E3機槍 虎斑BDA 手工靴 和其他ㄧ些小細節..都收集完後..又花將近ㄧ個月的時間將裝備穿在人偶人身上. 這是ㄧ個長久的計劃,我們盡最大的能力來把這個人偶做到逼真 讓大家了解菲律賓海豹作戰的樣子和他們所帶的裝備!



2 responses

  1. weylen30

    Tommy,this is well done figure!Great bashed and MG repaint but I’m suggest using white sheet for background that can see more detail of the figure.Excellent!!

    September 18, 2007 at 2:57 AM

  2. SilentPro

    yes, thank u for the suggestion bro, i will do that next time :)

    September 24, 2007 at 5:25 PM

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