This wood plate is made for ST1 when they cross training in the Philippines during the late 90’s  as you can see the date at the wood plate says Feb 99-July99.

這個手工木雕板是為了海豹第一小隊ALPHA排訂做的,是為了紀念90年代他們在菲律賓受訓的日期.日期是1999年 2月到7月.

The plate was made for all the operators in the platoon  but this is one is the only extra one becasue of my friend he was just going around the area and check out his old friend who is the wood craft master and he saw the wood craft master making this plate so he asked for an extra one. On the wood plate it should be a photo of the operators, since it is an extra made it does not come with the photo, but I have just replace another platoon photo just for reference.


I find the most cool thing about this plate was not the ST1 logo or the budwiser trident, it was the Call sign of all the operators such as wild country…circus…funk soul and ect.

我覺的最有特色的地方是手雕海豹徽和一隊的隊章還有他們每一成員很特別的匿名. :)


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