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S&S Precision- HK416 LOWPRO MOUNT

Dear SP blog readers:

Sorry for the late blog updating , I have been busy for a few month and now ” I AM BACK” and I  promise will bring you readers more detail and quality of gear review and blog updates.

I will be updating regarding to S&S Precision products and mystery from time to time this year.

Hope you all will enjoy the reading.



From the official:

S&S Precision operations include product development and manufacturing.  We are compelled to innovate tactical gear and obsessed to do things that others can’t or won’t.

Extraordinary customers require unique solutions. This goes beyond the common practices exercised from behind an engineer’s desk. The crew at S&S precision eliminates the disparity between end user requirements and design/material/manufacturing expertise. We merge technical knowledge with real world experience to advance tactical equipment.

From Silent Professional View:

S&S Precision has  the most advance concept and development into the real actual product ability and most of their gear may look simple and easy but all the products are made from years of experience from the operator, you can see from every product that S&S made.

When people usually look at S&S products the first time, most of them have this feeling that ” Psss..this is nothing, it is so easy and why their price is so high?”  Well let me tell you guys who think like that, All the S&S products are highly design for operations purpose and they follow the RULE “K.I.S.S”= Keep It Simple Stupid. In real combat we dont need fancy shooting pose, fancy changing magazine moves , fancy products with too many functions. What does the real warrior in the front line needs is the reliable product and easy to get hands on without reading pages of complicated manuals.

The price of the S&S Precision products are in the med-high level, let me tell you why , because SS comes with design from NSW operator combat experience and opinion, those cant buy with money  and they make every products with design, they though of it first and they did it so it is their design.

To those cheap Sh*t replica manufacturer:  You only copy the shape and look of the product with the cheap material that breaks all the time but you are not going to get the real quality. There is always a saying ” Cheap Sh*t aint good, Good Sh*t aint Cheap”

“Lets look at into the LOWPRO MOUNT from S&S Precision today! “

Usually when people hear about ” MOUNTs” on the weapon, they think it is the round type which holds the flash lights, lasers  but SS brings you the brand new concept of weapon light mounting system, this product as you see from the above photo is the 2011 version of the S&S Precision lowpro mount, the  body of the mount is coated to light tan color and it is made by fully CNC, it is very easy to assemble into the weapon.

This mount is specially design to put Surefire M600/M300 in to the HK416 rail but it also can fit into standard rails comes with 3, 6, 9, 12 positions. Also when you use this mount, you can switch from left and right hand shooting with no trouble turning on the light.

Why does it called ” LOWPRO”  it is because when you mounted on your weapon, it is very hard to see the mount just like it never existed. If you want to see the mount bar, you need to see from both up and down side from the rail.



You can see the S&S PRECISION marking, it is the authentic product details.

I dont know if all you readers who has the lowpro mount has some issue when you first got the product and trying to mount on your HK416 with the Tango down grip. Well I did get into trouble and now I would like to share how to make sure the right position of the mounting this product.

There are 3-4 positions you can mounted on your HK416, let me share with you the secrets of the mounting positions of each.

“This is how I and usually people will mount the “Lowpro” mount with the grip”

As you can see from the photo below, the grip and the surefire M600 has a little bit of space which makes the shooter of the rifle needs to tag his arm real tight on the shooting position to turn on the M600, with this position shooters usually feel uncomfortable with their shoulders and costs them stress on the arm and hand.

I got stock here for a while and trying to figure how to make use of this light and mount, I asked my friend which he told me ” It is not possible because of the tango down grip, you need to change your grip in order to fit into the right position” But let me tell you something : I don’t believe that because it is not making any sense, so I try to figure out more how the hell I am going to put it into the right position.


After few hours of thinking, I checked the PDF file and looking forward to find the solution but which I saw there is another position that can be put with the mount, in the photo below it shows that you can move the mount forward on the front rail, so I did and lets take a look at the photo below. As you can see the flash light head is already pointing out of the rail at that point, I think it is pretty good because when the light turns on, it will have less shade from the barrel or suppressor.

But when you put the mount at the front position the operator will feel also little uncomfortable because you will need to extend your thumb to switch on the light, unless the shooter has a large hand and long finger or else it is quick uncomfortable.



After the front position I was satisfied a little but it still makes me cant go to bed properly, After checking the operator photo and I told myself ” if the operator can attach the mount into the right position, then we can too”.

Although I am little dum and slow but I never give up!!!  After another hour of brain juice grinding, I finally figure it out how the hell they put the mount into the right position. It is simple as hell that is how SS product works and yet I am so use to complicated products that I did not think it was that easy and I have to go around the world to figure the simplest thing. LOL



  1. Remove your rail from the main body
  2. Place the tango down grip into the med position best for balance and shooting
  3. Then place the mount at the position for your finger
  4. Tight both screw and you are ready to rock and roll.

PS( What people usually makes mistake and get stock like me is that we put the mount first then we try to put the grip to the rail)



This position makes the shooter press the light very easy and fast, also has less shade during the light is turn on. I wish this help those who was stock just like me and I am happy to share this information so that “YOU DONT NEED TO BUY OR CHANGE YOUR GRIP TO FIT THE MOUNT”






“Greetings to all SilentPro Blog readers”

The review on the INVISIO X5 and X50 is finally presenting here. At below there are 2 photos attached and shows the features and specifications of this ultimate headset. Why would they call it the ultimate headset is because once you have try this headset you will 99% forget about the other headset and will only go back for Invisio X50 and X5 The first time I have know and test  this head set was way back 2 years ago and I could not find any information on this  unit but I was told that the US Naval Special Operations has purchased this headset for their use, ofcourse to our dear blog reader I have find and attach the photo of the actual headset being deployed with the TEAMs.

“Lets have a look at the photo below”

X50 and X5 active during the NSW base open house this year 2011.

“After look at the photo lets hear the review from Seal Team One Operator”

INVISIO’s X50 control unit with the X5 headset is considerably more comfortable than our standard products, especially in warm weather and for longer periods of use. All team members who use the X50 and the X5 headset find that it provides very good hearing protection and that the sound quality of both received and transmitted sound is fantastic. The sound amplification and dampening of dangerous noises is far superior to anything else I have tried. Quite simply, the X50 with the X5 headset is an impressive communication solution. During the time I have used INVISIO’s communication solution, I have been extremely pleased. This is, however, only a preliminary evaluation: tomorrow I am on a mission again, but I would not choose any other solution.”

“Advantage of the Invisio X50 and X5″

1. Dual in ear bone conduction headset- It is small and light weight which gives the operator better comfort specially in the heat for more than 8 hour mission time.

2. The X5 can have dual hearing protection on 29db NRR, it also have the surround hear-thru compare to other hear protection headset which can only hear the front side not the rear or left and right.

3. The X50 can plug into 2 radios at the same time and you only need one PTT for it, you can configure radio 1 for the ground force and radio 2 for the airstrike and others. It is very easy compare to have 2 ptt and only can talk when you press one ptt.

“Check the refrence photo of One PTT and Two Radio Config”

“PRC148 Maritime Connector Detail”

“PRC148 Urban Connector Detail”

5. We also can use the wireless PTT “M80″ and they are not using the blue tooth technology because it runs out battery and not as clear when the battery is low, I will have another review on the M80 wireless PTT.

“Here are more specification data sheets on the X50 and X5″

“After looking at the spec of the 2 units, lets now see the comparison charts of this headset and others, this will help you understand the headset more about this headset”

Please check the comparison between X50+x5 with other headsets available in the market.

“This one is very important shows how INVISIO speech sound can be crystal clear compare to the other brands”


“Here are the radio compatible with the X50 control unit”

“Invisio X50/x5 customer/end user References”

“INVISIO X50+X5+M80 Twin Brothers”

M80 wireless PTT review coming next

Cheers to all and hope this review helps you know X50 better.

Best Regards

Silent Professional


美國佛基服飾品牌由 MIKE .S 及 RYAN .W兩位美國海軍特種部隊(US NAVY SEALs)於2008年2月所創立.

這兩位品牌創立人於海豹部隊服役資歷共有21年,他們經歷過許多戰役包括:伊拉克,阿富汗,非洲,科索沃與波斯尼亞,也曾擔任過美國海軍特戰 “基本水中爆破/海豹三棲部隊”的種子教官.

美國佛基服飾的品牌理念及精神建立於友誼,尊重與自由的價值. 所有佛基服飾產品都是由兩位業主親自設計.




FORGED was founded in 2008 february by 2 US NAVY SEALs, Mike S and Ryan W.

With a combined 21 years in the Teams, they are distinguished veterans of several war time campaigns, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Kosovo and Bosnia, including tours as instructors at the BUD/S SEAL training pipeline.

FORGED is fueled by the values of Brotherhood, Respect and Freedom. Our shirts are hand-designed by the owners personally. We run our own show and take pride in being involved with our customers and giving them a top end product with meaning behind it.

We want our customers to be able to wear our clothing knowing that they not only have a cool, quality piece of apparel, but that they’re also part of a smaller, unique community of core individuals.






After few years of development Silent Professional has officially become Silent Professional. Inc. We have come to develop our first headset product,

It is called the ” N.S.W headset” so called N.S.W is from “Naval Special Warriors” headset, this headset is develop for the warriors in who usually operates IN and OUT the water with a tough build headset and push to talk box and most important is that it comes with the interchangeable quick release radio jack and connector, it helps the operator when using different radios for their extreme environment operating area.

This headset was conducted by 3 major parts such as  the headset itself, the push to talk BOX, the quick release radio jack and connector.

Now lets take a look into the first part the “Headset”

This headset may look just similar as other normal headset out there in the market but with our quality standard we are insist to give the customer the best quality with the affordable price, so we choose the headset that is the mil spec submersible headset and was well tested by the ” Republic of Korea SEAL/UDT” unit.

This headset can be submersible into the water and fully functional with clear sound receiver and clear sound mic.

2nd part will be the “P.T.T”

From the the 1rst photo below you can see there is a blue arrow indicate that the push to talk button. Just simply push and hold the button “Forward or Backward” to send out the transmission.

Lets take a look at another important part of the NSW headset, that will be the “Quick released radio connector” this kind of connector helps the operator or end user who has different spec and brand of radio or when the headset connector to the radio has break down during the tough environment, but in this case the operator can just quick eject the broken connector and switch on the extra connector and the communication is back on track.

But this part is the only part that cant be submersible to the water but what the other operator usually will do is that put in their radio into the water proof dive pack and let the quick released radio connector also be inside the water proof dive bag to secured and prevent the water goes in to the radio and the quick released connector.

The P.T.T box is also tough build by the mil spec raw material, many people would wonder if it is metal but when we consider this headset will be in and out the water, metal will not be our option. Lets take a look at the back side of the ptt it also comes with the 360 degree rotate attachment clip, this can help the operator to clip anywhere and any direction they want. Just remember to put some machine oil before going into the water operation and also use WD-40 to clean it up after.

NSW headset comes with 3 kind of radio configurations like the photos below

If you are special type of radio please feel free to contact me for custom order.





Many people always say “TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE”

Here is the photo that I dip the headset and PTT into the water and holding the push to talk button, as you can see there is a small red led light on the radio it means that the headset is sending transmission to another radio, this is just for the water proof testing purposes only, please do not try this while operating in the water cause even it works because you are in the water biting the mouth pieces of the LAR-V or any diving equipment, this headset is for submersible and used it on shore or shallow water edge only.

Being in water more the 1 hour after testing and testing.

Here is the Under Water Demo Video



This NAVSOG12inch model concept was to create an image of the real operators now still in war in south country BASILAN Philippines. And this model was build by me and a very close friend of mine( HOOTER) who is also admire of the NAVSOG operators.

It took us 2 month to complete getting all the small details including the vest, bda, the m60 and to put everything on to the detail it took us another month or so…this is a long term project and we try to make it as real as we can on this model and hope to creat the impression of how the SEALs look like and what equipment carry to the battle.

Cheers to all..HOOYAH!

創作這個菲律賓海豹(NAVSOG) 12吋人偶的概念是於至今還在菲律賓南部BASILAN作戰的海豹小隊, 這個人偶是我和我ㄧ位也很欣賞菲律賓海豹好的朋友(HOOTER)做起來的..

這個人偶花了我大約2個月的時間研究和收集他們的資料包括 戰術背心 M60E3機槍 虎斑BDA 手工靴 和其他ㄧ些小細節..都收集完後..又花將近ㄧ個月的時間將裝備穿在人偶人身上. 這是ㄧ個長久的計劃,我們盡最大的能力來把這個人偶做到逼真 讓大家了解菲律賓海豹作戰的樣子和他們所帶的裝備!



SEAL TEAM BADGE – This is awarded by the Flag Officer-in-Command, PN to military and civilian personnel of the AFP.

To earn the badge, a personnel must be a regular member of the PN; a graduate from the Basic Underwater Operations/Seal course; and must be physically, psychologically and professionally fit to perform diving skills and combat duties.


The badge is a gold-plated spherical triangle with horizontal base and Silver Star on each side. A pair of silver wings superimposed the triangle at the center and a crowned shark rest horizontally on the center of the spread pair of wings. The trident and an M16 are crossed at 90 degrees and superimposed by the shark.

The triangle represents the three major islands of the country; the wings stand for professionalism in the performance of duty; the crown for superiority in the field; the trident for naval power; the M16 means its counterpart as guardian of the sea; and shark stands for sea activities.

Philippine Marine Corps Scout Sniper Badge ( Also used by the NAVSOG operators because they train with the Marines Scout Snipers)
The Commandant, Philippine Marine Corps awards this badge to officers and enlisted personnel of the Philippine Marine Corps and other AFP Personnel.

To earn this badge one must have successfully undergone the previous Sniper Courses and the Scout Sniper Courses conducted from 1998 onwards. The training conducted or sanctioned by the Philippine Marine Corps Training Center – awarded with a Certificate of Completion and covered with special orders. The Badge may also be awarded to personnel who had contributed to the development of the scout snipers in the Philippine Marine Corps during its formative years.


The gold plated metallic badge has the figure of a Philippine eagle carrying a reticle with cross hair with an embossed ships anchor.

The eagle as the majestic bird symbolizes the sniper’s sharp eyes its natural trait to keenly observe and stalk his prey undetected. The reticle and cross hair denotes the optical device that snipers utilize to observe, detect and engage his target at long distances. While the anchor signifies the major service it belongs.


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